I Must Be A Fake Gamer Gurl

“Fake gamer girls, stop posing with the controller.”

“The average gamer girl spends 200% more time taking pictures of herself with the game controller than she does actually using it.”

“‘I games like all the time.’ Plays the Sims 3 on her mac.”

These are all captions on pictures found when searching “fake gamer girl” in Bing Images. If they do not enrage you, there is something wrong. 

On Ether Saga Odyssey, I made a good friend who asked me why I used a female character. I told him I was female, and he was surprised because he assumed I was male. I was still friends with him, though, for I was I able to tell him what was wrong. Of course, once I told him I was really a girl, he slowly began to end his sentences with “girl” or “baby” even though he did not call me “dude”, “guy”, or any other noun that alluding to my aforementioned masculinity.

There was also this big shot on ESO, but he was very sexist. To be honest, I cannot remember what he said because it was 6 months ago, but I remember I felt very uncomfortable because he was making sexist comments, and when I challenged him, he knew he was wrong.

On RuneScape, a group of boys were blabbing about how “a true RS girl gets nails done, does her hair, and wears booty shorts”, right as I, in full adamant armor (requires lv40 defense), gave a cake (requires lv40 cooking) to someone who replied “thank you, sir”.

Furthermore, someone tried to hit on me in the following one-sided conversation:

Hey Cutie.

Ur cute.

And when it is not me being harassed, it is other female characters on RuneScape. Before you even try to pin it on “female characters in video games tend to wear revealing/seductive/sexy clothes”, let me show you what I wore during this encounter at the fishing spot behind the Lumbridge church.

He was wearing full mithril, almost like me. Of course, I graduated to full addy.

He was wearing almost the same outfit as me. 

My computer gaming resume includes games and clients such as Sims Freeplay, IMVU, ourWorld, Dizzywood, Club Penguin, RuneScape, Ether Saga Odyssey, Doom, Wizard 101, Toontown, Maplestory, Minecraft, and many others that are probably insignificant. I have played multiple games on the Nintendo DS & 3DS. Many of those who are obsessed with separating the real gamer girls from the fake gamer girls may look at most of those games, specifically the simulation games like Sims, Club Penguin, and ourWorld.

The games that the gamer police deem worthy of adding into a “true gamer’s” resume are typically FPS or any other sort of combat game. Popular games such as Super Mario or Pokemon seem to be so cliche that “true gamers” do not want to associate with them. Let us take a step back and examine the adjectives that could be associated with these games. Popular combat games such as The Last of Us, Call of Duty, Destiny, and Saint’s Row are probably classified as violent, dark, and “masculine” while games like Super Mario, Pokemon, Sims, and Cooking Mama are deemed easy going, colorful, and “feminine”. Aside from these adjectives, can we all agree these fall into the category of games?

That being said, doesn’t a “gamer” play “games”? I mean, a fake gamer is someone who pretends to play games but does not; however, this does not have an assigned gender. A cisgender boy could be a fake gamer boy because he would look bad if he does not play games. A transgender girl could pretend to play games to abide gender norms and play it safe in her born gender. And, sure a cisgender girl could take seductive pictures with a controller, but that does not mean she is a fake gamer girl. As far as anyone knows, she could have maxed out her levels in League of Legends. (I will admit I have never played LoL.) Regardless of the gender or situation, there is no reason to antagonize these “gamer girls”.

This whole culture of segregating the “fake gamer girls” from the “gamers” is purely sexist. I think women in general are more peaceful than men, whether it is by instinct or influence, for I fit that description. That must be why I prefer simulation games like ourWorld, colorful combat games like Ether Saga Odyssey, and skilling in RuneScape over combat games and scenarios, where I could possibly die and lose all of my items, experience, etc. Gamer boys do not want to (god forbid) be feminine and wish to cling onto whatever masculinity they have. When women enter the gaming communities, gamer boys are quick to disacknowledge our gender, our experience, or both.

Referring back to the incidents where I was mistaken for a boy, this fake gamer girl culture is a vicious cycle that affects representation of female gamers who play just as much as male gamers. When someone like me, who prefers not to wear revealing clothing overrides, has medium to high levels that come from dedication, people erase the possibility that I am female, and that I must be a male on a female account. Thus, female gamers do not seem as prominent in the gaming world, so gamer boys feel free to frolic in their fake gamer girl stereotypes because “the only gamer girls” they have ever seen ask for attention and suck at games.

It is not that gamer boys who play on female characters are the problem, it is the fake gamer girl culture that leads people to believe most girls do not play games and if they do, they are not very good at them.

It is because of the fake gamer girl (and nerd) culture that I have a (conservative) friend who feels the need to dissociate herself and claim she is “not like other nerd girls”.

It is because of the fake gamer girl culture that female gamers are harassed, so they choose to play on male accounts.

It is because of the fake gamer girl culture that gaming and video games in general are deemed masculine.

It is because of the fake gamer girl culture that interesting games, such as Ghost Trick, are not as popular as Call of Duty, thus less similar games are produced.

Stop using the term “gamer girl” and replace it with “gamer”. If you are discussing demographics, use terms such as “female gamer” or “girl gamer”. My gender is a part of me, but I am a gamer, regardless of what you think.

6 thoughts on “I Must Be A Fake Gamer Gurl

  1. Interesting post. Honestly I had never come across this idea as a “fake gamer girl” before. To me if someone likes games they like games, gender really has (or should not have) any significance.


    • Thanks for understanding. I cannot tell you how I’ve grown up feeling insecure about calling myself a gamer in fear of being degraded based on my preference.

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