Blue Mascara

If you have known me for the past year, you would know I am very basic as far as makeup goes. However, I do have a couple of #1 items I use; more recently, I wear them often. One of those is my CK One Color Mascara in Electrify (blue). I’m on the hunt to find a dupe (or something close) to this $18 favorite of mine. So far, nothing I’ve gotten has come close to the texture and formula of this holy grail mascara, but here are the contenders.

ck one Mascara in electrify $18


The mascara gives a thick coat on my lashes, so the color is absolutely vibrant. I get compliments from numerous people when I wear this. It’s “water resistant, not waterproof”, but I never get blue raccoon smudges under my eyes. I typically wear this for more than 12 hours, and all I get are a few, tiny crumbs under my eyes that are easily wiped away. When I apply this, I can easily wipe away excess with a q-tip. It’s hard to take off with makeup remover, but the majority of this blue lash coat comes off when I wash my eyes, working a little on my lashes. After rinsing and drying my face, I take a tissue with Neutrogena eye makeup remover (that blue one) and wipe whatever blue schmutz is left. Sometimes it is hard to find all the crumbs left in my lashes, but I get the job done.

Here is a picture with ck one on the right and Sally Girl on the left, relative to what you see.


Sally Girl Bright Mascara in Blue $0.99


The actual color of this product is a little less intense than the picture. This is the product that started my obsession with colorful mascara. Long story short, I had my mom buy this because it was so cheap and blue is my favorite color. The longest I’ve worn it was 6 hours, and it did smudge a little under my eyes. This comes off with a few wipes of my eye makeup remover.

Hard Candy 1,000 Lashes in mermaid teal- $6


This one is decent. They do have it in blue, but I saw the opportunity to add another color to my new collection of colorful mascara. It took me a few coats to get my desired vibrance, but it did the job. I do not think I will get this to replace my Holy Grail mascara, but I’ll buy it for colors I’d like. It seems to need so many dips to breakthrough the dark brown of my natural lashes, opposed to one dip per eye with ck one. I’d probably go through two of these in the time I’d go through 1 ck one. I only put it on an hour ago from the time I wrote this, so I cannot share the lasting power, but it seems it could last as long as Sally Girl. Here is a picture of it on my eyes.


Femme Couture Fake Lash in Electric Blue- $10.99


This is a terrible product as far as color goes. I only wear mascara to give my lashes a different color, and this did not deliver like I hoped. Yes, it gave volume; though I’m no expert on volume. If you want subtle, electric blue mascara, this is ideal for you. I think the product is dry, though. I see the product along the length of the wand and it looks dry and crusty. I tried to apply numerous coats on my lashes and it was nowhere near as bright as ck one or Hard Candy.

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