What’s On my iPod 12/9/2014

I realize how great songs from movie and video game soundtracks can be, so I dedicate this month’s selection to the great themes out there.

1. RuneScape Old Theme

2. Pacific Rim Theme

3. Ghost Trick Theme

4. DOOM Theme (At Doom’s Gate)

5. Spirited Away Theme (One Summer’s Day)
Note: The next songs have a slower, much more nostalgic feeling to it., so if you were listening to these songs during your workout, skip this one. Though, I’m pretty sure I’ve worked out to One Summer’s Day on repeat, before.

6. RuneScape Newbie Melody

7. RuneScape Wander

8. Pacific Rim Cancelling the Apocalypse

9. Ghost Trick A Dashing Enigma


I enjoy Ghost Trick’s soundtrack as a whole, so I recommend all of its songs; however, I’m more intrigued with the nostalgia of the game.

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