I Must Be A Fake Gamer Gurl

“Fake gamer girls, stop posing with the controller.”

“The average gamer girl spends 200% more time taking pictures of herself with the game controller than she does actually using it.”

“‘I games like all the time.’ Plays the Sims 3 on her mac.”

These are all captions on pictures found when searching “fake gamer girl” in Bing Images. If they do not enrage you, there is something wrong.  Continue reading


Blue Mascara

If you have known me for the past year, you would know I am very basic as far as makeup goes. However, I do have a couple of #1 items I use; more recently, I wear them often. One of those is my CK One Color Mascara in Electrify (blue). I’m on the hunt to find a dupe (or something close) to this $18 favorite of mine. So far, nothing I’ve gotten has come close to the texture and formula of this holy grail mascara, but here are the contenders. Continue reading

What’s On my iPod 12/9/2014

I realize how great songs from movie and video game soundtracks can be, so I dedicate this month’s selection to the great themes out there.

1. RuneScape Old Theme

2. Pacific Rim Theme

3. Ghost Trick Theme

4. DOOM Theme (At Doom’s Gate)

5. Spirited Away Theme (One Summer’s Day)
Note: The next songs have a slower, much more nostalgic feeling to it., so if you were listening to these songs during your workout, skip this one. Though, I’m pretty sure I’ve worked out to One Summer’s Day on repeat, before.

6. RuneScape Newbie Melody

7. RuneScape Wander

8. Pacific Rim Cancelling the Apocalypse

9. Ghost Trick A Dashing Enigma


I enjoy Ghost Trick’s soundtrack as a whole, so I recommend all of its songs; however, I’m more intrigued with the nostalgia of the game.

Recent Findings 12/5/2014

I visited the allergist to be tested again. Last time (2 years ago), it said I was allergic to soy and the nut mix. This time,  soy and nuts turned up negative. I still get the worst stomachaches from soy milk. I had some on Monday and I’m still suffering the consequences.

Remember that chronic stomachache I mentioned a long time ago? That resolved before Thanksgiving. Came back because soy milk.

My newfound obsessions are Ghost Trick and Pacific Rim. I also want blue streaks like Mako Mori.


Is it possible for my subliminal Caucasianness to offend those more blatantly (and proudly) white?