Past Post: Inferior Humans

This was when I began to realize what the republican party was truly about. Here is Inferior Humans:

Those who are for Romney but are for same-sex marriage and birth control would most likely say that these topics aren’t important and that they’re voting for Romney because they want lower taxes* or some other excuse. Here’s the thing, a candidate who rejects same-sex marriage and birth control believes that women and homosexual people are inferior.

A real president believes that all human beings have equal rights, regardless of gender, sexual preference, or wealth. By rejecting abortion because you want “to save a human’s life” because you believe life begins at contraception means that you are imposing your opinions on other women, whether you are a man or woman. Not all women believe that life begins at contraception, especially me. By voting for Romney-Ryan, you vote for a candidate who places their opinions of life above the opinion of a woman. Therefore, you believe women are inferior. If you have a brain and can fathom what 2+2 is sometime in your life, you are a human (unless there are primates that can do this as well… then that’s another topic). Romney ridiculed homosexual people during his college years and, to this day, still believes that marriage should be between a man and a woman. This proves that he doesn’t believe that these people are… people! His excuse that a child is entitled to a mother and a father is extreme bullshit (excuse my language). There are SINGLE, STRAIGHT mothers and fathers out there, raising their kids without a supplement to their own salary. Why is a child entitled to both a mother and father when some children are missing one or both? Sometimes (not ALL the time), single parents don’t want to deal with their kids. In fact, some reasons parents wouldn’t want their kids is because of an unwanted pregnancy. WAIT! An unwanted pregnancy? Couldn’t that have been solved by something known as contraception or even… ABORTION? Aside from that comment, that kid, who probably feels unloved and gets into trouble, would be better off with two moms or two dads who actually WANT a kid. When two parents WANT a kid, that means they’ll LOVE their kid. I think being able to love someone is what makes us human more than anything, but I guess Romney-Ryan doesn’t think so. To them, being straight is what makes us human. *Please see my many rants on taxes.

Reflection: I would definitely change my ableist language “fathom what 2+2 is” because I am sure some people truly cannot do that. I did however, have the mentally disadvantage on the mind when I wrote this. I have always have sympathy and some level of understanding for these people, but it has definitely matured over the years through many faults and lessons. As a feminist, I would include other factors such as racism and sexism if I wrote this post today.

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