Past Posts: Taxes

This is actually part 1 of my “Red Teachers” category, but I do not have any other posts about republican teachers at school on Pro-bama. This occurred on the first day of my sophomore year, two years ago.

Here is my rant on Taxes:

Today was the first day of my Sophomore year. In PE, my teacher was lecturing us about how keeping in shape will reduce the costs of our health care.

He also asked us what nationwide healthcare was, which I replied to as “It’s where everyone has healthcare.” He said that was correct, which is when I instinctively popped out “and it’s affordable.” He didn’t reply to that, maybe because he didn’t like what I said, or maybe because it wasn’t his place to give his opinion. As he continued, he said something along the lines of “Healthcare won’t destroy this country if everyone stays in shape.” Which, technically, is true if the whole entire country becomes sick, but only in the worst case scenario. The lecture soon transitioned into taxes and how “when you get older, they’re just a pain in the ass”. He said 40% of his income goes to the government. He even mentioned that taxes don’t come back to the people.

That is where I want to rant. He’s wrong about the taxes. Of all people, a government worker, a HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER, tells his students that the money doesn’t come back to the people. Taxes are the reason he’s getting paid. Yes, his income is taxed. Yes, his purchases are taxed. Taxes are a way of supporting our country.

My grandmother, Bubby, as I called her, once advised my dad that he should never complain about paying taxes. Because paying taxes means that you’re making money, and the government would not tax those who can’t afford it.

Taxes are returned to us through public education, libraries, sheriffs, and fire departments, just to name a few organizations.

For that teacher to complain about taxes, that is completely absurd. Fortunately, I won’t be in that class for much longer, since I will be in tennis. But it’s people like him that I despise for being FOX News and telling lies.

Taxes don’t help us? REALLY?

Reflection: I wish I did not Red Teachers posts, but I have not encountered enough blatant red teachers to make a full series of them.

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