Past Posts: Red Teacher P

I did a “thing” on republican teachers at school.

Here’s my criticism of P, the PE Teacher:

I’d like to announce that the idiotic, conservative PE teacher at my school (we’ll call this guy, P) debated with the novio (boyfriend) today during his PE period. Unfortunately, my boyfriend lost because P was imposing all his conservative “facts” (lies).

Summary of Key Points

  • 48% of his paycheck has been cut
  • Has paid 40% in taxes
  • Obama is a socialist
  • We need lower taxes
  • He wants to be paid more

And this is why, P, that you are a PE teacher and you don’t teach other subjects, like history. What the hell are you thinking? You’re more two-faced than Romney (actually, Romney is pretty hard to beat. You’re in second place). You want lower taxes, but you want a higher paycheck! Do you want to see the country be number one again? You are an idiot if you really want lower taxes. Taxes haven’t been this low in the longest time! Also, that is nonsense that your paycheck has been cut 48% or that your taxes are 40%. Unless you make at least $250,000 (and people as stupid as you don’t usually make that much), you pay the same amount of taxes as the rest of us. Go leave your FOX attitude at home. Hell, go use it on your wife when you’re in bed. Don’t bring it to school, because you don’t represent our country at all.

You, sir, are NO PATRIOT of the UNITED STATES if you don’t serve your country by PAYING TAXES.

And you are a government worker! If you make less than $250K, then all your words are BULL-SHIT. If you do, YOUR GAIN IS OUR LOSS. To promote a wealthier economy, we need money circulation. Taxes help do that, because if a rich guy earns more money, he’ll just keep it and not spend it. Then, there will be money sitting in the bank, like a blood clot, backing up the circulation. Eventually, there will be so much blocking the system, it will start to shut down. That is why our economy is bad.

And if you’re going to give the excuse of Obama bring up the deficit, you should know that Bush didn’t add the recent war to his budget. In fact when Obama added it to his budget, that probably brought up the deficit. But put it this way, if you lost a sock then you find it behind your bed and it’s been there the whole time, did you lose the sock? No, it was there the whole time. Therefore, the war budget was there the whole time, but Obama just added it, much like picking up a lost sock.

Reflection: I’m not sure where I was going with that “lost sock” metaphor, but I think I touched something… somewhere… On a side note, this teacher no longer teaches at my high school. He was fired, reportedly, after that year, but now he coaches baseball at another school in the district.

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