Update 11/22/2014

Again, I’m going through a hiatus because my brother’s bar mitzvah was last week and prior to that I was helping my mom organize the event. Additionally, I’m very behind in work, and I am expecting my great dane to give birth.


Past Post: Inferior Humans

This was when I began to realize what the republican party was truly about. Here is Inferior Humans:

Those who are for Romney but are for same-sex marriage and birth control would most likely say that these topics aren’t important and that they’re voting for Romney because they want lower taxes* or some other excuse. Here’s the thing, a candidate who rejects same-sex marriage and birth control believes that women and homosexual people are inferior. Continue reading


On Halloween, I went Trick-or-Treating (TOT) with my brother and no one else, and I began to question if I had friends or not. I was hurt that the group of which I thought I belonged did not have room for me in their group. After being consoled by my boyfriend, mother, and (one of my) best friend, I realized that I do have friends that appreciate me in all sorts of different ways. Continue reading