Past Post: No Agenda

I think this post is hilarious. It references the Lizzie McGuire Movie.

Here is the article, No Agenda:

Apparently Romney is telling some bullshit about Obama not having an agenda for his second term. Whereas Romney has one, he just doesn’t want you guys to know.

Sneaky Little Brown Noser with a Hidden Agenda

Also, I’d like to say that some Republicans would think that Obama’s playing little games and being a brat with his “Romnesia” thing. But he wants to get the message out there that Romney is a hypocrite. He says that he will do one thing, and then he’ll flip flop. By saying it’s a “condition”, this is a fun way of spreading the word. This appeals to young (and young-at-heart), undecided voters. The president can have fun every once in a while.

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