Past Post: Respect the Office

I can’t remember much of the background of this post, but I know it was regarding a presidential debate between Obama and romney.

Here is Respect the Office:

People saying “Obama and Biden need to give Romney and Ryan more respect! They’re so rude!” Excuse me…

You’ll get your chance in a moment, I’m still speaking,

This guy doesn’t have any substance. Where does he stand? Are you really speaking up for a man who the only thing he stands for is pro-life and anti-gay marriage? If he’s rude enough to discriminate women and homosexual people and lie about his whole campaign, I think Obama-Biden have the right to laugh and chuckle a bit, because watching this candidate try to be stable, yet flip flop at the same time is actually quite amusing.

By the way, when Romney cut off Obama with the quote above, that’s completely disrespectful. Respect the office, even if you don’t respect Obama himself.

Reflection: I don’t think there is much I would change. I am just glad I did not see another hormonal teenage girl joke.

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