Past Post: Pre-Marital Sex

I’m going to repost some articles I wrote on my defunct political Tumblr. Keep in mind these articles were written when I was 14-15 (between 2012-2013). If you check the blog, you may notice that my stances were not as mature as they are today. For example:

Go vote because no one wants a hormonal, back-stabbing, two-faced, trash-talking teenage girl (Mitt Romney) in the oval office, with her discriminating, sexist, rich, buff boyfriend (Paul Ryan).

No, I’m not proud of that because I used “hormonal” and “teenage girl” as a means to ridicule and dehumanize someone. It perpetuates female stereotypes. I acknowledge this to measure my growth in social stances.

Here is my article on Pre-Marital Sex.

Recently, i’ve been surrounded by a lot of… Sexual propaganda. I’ve heard people say that pre-marital sex is wrong while others believe they can do what they want. As a ranting blog, here is my point of view.

Yes, it’s nice to share your “gift” with your wife or husband, but it’s really all up in the brain. For the girl, she might get hurt, so that means you can’t go rough and have that amazing sex fantasy on your wedding night. If rough is not for you, then okay, that’s your choice. So if it means something to you to save your virginity, then go ahead and save it. You won’t have to worry about pregnancy or STDs.

But what about the other side? Obviously sex is a pleasurable sensation, and hell, why not do it, right? Sometimes masturbation isn’t enough. It’s okay to have sex. It’s not the devil’s making. It’s your choice. Just keep in mind who you are doing it with. If you stay true to one partner, that’s great. Prefer an orgy? Go ahead.
Everyone is entitled to their sex life, whether they are abstinent or promiscuous. Reserved or not. It’s America. That’s why we have birth control. Because sex is fun and it’s more than just for babies.

And if you don’t agree, that’s cool, but you can’t control others.
And if you’re some republican reading this, don’t even pass a fucking law against it. Come on. First you say you want less government, then you want to ban abortion and birth control. Don’t fucking ban pre-marital sex.

Reflection: I used propaganda as a neutral term. I plan on eradicating that connotation from my vocabulary and replace it with “promotion”. If I were to rewrite this, I would not use the term “virginity”.

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