Past Post: No Agenda

I think this post is hilarious. It references the Lizzie McGuire Movie. Continue reading


Past Post: Pre-Marital Sex

I’m going to repost some articles I wrote on my defunct political Tumblr. Keep in mind these articles were written when I was 14-15 (between 2012-2013). If you check the blog, you may notice that my stances were not as mature as they are today. For example:

Go vote because no one wants a hormonal, back-stabbing, two-faced, trash-talking teenage girl (Mitt Romney) in the oval office, with her discriminating, sexist, rich, buff boyfriend (Paul Ryan).

No, I’m not proud of that because I used “hormonal” and “teenage girl” as a means to ridicule and dehumanize someone. It perpetuates female stereotypes. I acknowledge this to measure my growth in social stances. Continue reading