Why should someone care about investment? Investment seems like one of those words that is only applicable to adults beyond 30. However, it is best for the younger people (ahem, teens), to realize what investment is.

After AP Calculus testing, we are learning how to get rich by investing long-term. If I invested 2 thousand a year between 19 and 26 years old with a mutual fund at 12%, I will have over 2 million by the time I am 65. If I invest 2 thousand a year between 26 and 65 with the same rate, I will only earn over half a million.

Here’s an example using Chicken Smoothie pets. In 2010, all the trading pets I had were common. Today, most of those commons are uncommon, some even rare! Unfortunately, not everything follows that pattern. My red rainbow equimagine horse, previously a Very Rare, downgraded to a Rare. Unicorns from the same designer decreased in value as well. I will have to wait a while for the rarity to increase again.

In ourWorld, I bought a January 2009 Fu Lion Armor because I had just come into some gems. The item was worth between 10-30 gems (my guess is 12). I almost sold it, but eventually it gained a high rarity. There have been numerous times that other Worldians bothered me because they wanted to buy it from me. If I did not like the item, I could sell or trade it for another item of equal, or even higher, value.

Dragon Cave assigns rarities on their dragons, as well. A dragon collector who started in 2007 could have had access to the two discontinued dragons, along with holiday and prize dragons that other collectors want. The 2007 collector could breed their old dragons to get hard to obtain dragons in return.

Remember Millsberry? People could sell many different items in their garage sales. As an older member (I guess that I joined within the first or second year of  its debut), I purchased a cute, yellow, crop blouse that was eventually discontinued. Though there was not much discussion allowed on the website, I could have sold that item and purchased a limited edition item reflecting Sylvie or Jenniera (I LOVED Jenniera) events.

In Dizzywood, there was no trading or selling system, but I had loads of limited edition items from daily quests and discontinued items, such as the kitty crop top. Assuming the game was still around today, I could have traded the account, with all of its special items, for money or some other form of currency. However, that transaction could be labelled as illegal.

DISCLAIMER: Don’t sell your account for real world money, for that act is going to get your tuchus in court (or something like that).

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