Sylmar Olive Festival

On August 30, 2014, I attended my first Sylmar Olive Festival with my brother and father. We walked around the hot and sunny park to view the various booths. I enjoyed the event, but my father said that (besides the surprise appearance of Froy and Matt from Operation Repo) the Ojai Lavender Festival was more enjoyable.

We looked for parking at El Cariso County Park, but the closest place we could find was a 15 minute walk away from the entrance. There was supposed to be two entrances open, but 1. The second one was closed. 2. The second entrance was not in a helpful location. Basically, we walked around for too long in our own sweat, and we had not even entered the festival.

The first station we viewed was Toyota. After that experience in a Prius, a blue Prius is now on the list of my dream cars. The Prius C, a hybrid, starts at $19,000, according to the representative. However, she said the model I sat in was last years. I don’t care, it is still a nice car. Toyota was so kind to hand out free, ice cold bottles of water, a free flexible canteen, a frisbee, a stylus-pen, and “balance bracelets” (which are totally useless. I watched how the sellers trick people into believing that these work).

The food selection was alright. I enjoyed two Korean-Mexican fusion tacos: bulgogi with Korean coleslaw on a tortilla, and another one with chicken instead of bulgogi. This food truck (one of many present at the festival) had exceptional service, and I would report their name if I could remember it. It ended with the word “Korea” and the truck was based in Sun Valley (or so it says). I think the first word, out of two, was “Raging”, but I cannot find any similar trucks when I google them,

We purchased two jars of olives from Fusano, a bunch of incense from the only person selling incense, and a little, pink bracelet with a Shalom hand on it from a Jewish woman.

What really made the day, however, was seeing Matt and Froy from Operation Repo. It was like seeing local heroes. They claimed they used to own a real repossession business for 11 years before acting for the show. We took a picture with them and they signed a card for us.

Last but not least, the only hair salon advertising at the festival gave me and applied a real human hair extension in my hair for free. It’s blue, obviously. I’m very pleased with this new addition to my scalp, but I would like more. Maybe I will go completely blue (as in ombre blue) when I am a successful engineer with a stable career.

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