If My Bills Were Paid

Inspired by the topic for August 21, 2014.

In the potential utopia where money, and all other forms of currency, is unnecessary, would I, a future chemical/electronic (pick 1) engineer continue to work?Considering that I will enter the STEM field, I may or may not be obligated to stay in it. I am only 16 now (17 in a month), so I cannot reflect upon work experience. If I will be anything like my dad, an electronics engineer, in the future, I will love my work and I would “do it for free, as long as as my bills were paid”.

If money was not an incentive, would humankind continue to innovate and advance technology? I think it would continue to occur, but not at the rate we are at right now. Then again, if money was not an incentive, would corporations that strive to hinder the public in the name of profits? If it was true that certain treatments for cancer, AIDS, and other ailments were hidden in order to produce more funding for laboratories, would the absence of currency affect world health negatively or positively?

Certainly, the mentality that people have today will change or this money-less world/country/state/city/etc. will not work. As long as there is the want to be superior, there will be currency. Otherwise, people would be willing to help each other without expecting any good or service in return, and that is only seen in small villages mentioned by children’s stories. Yes, we may look down on the lazy member of the village who benefits from the fruits of our labor, but look at all the other, relatively worthy people who benefit as well.

I could continue this topic by using welfare and the ACA as an example, but I will spare you this time. I probably praise my state health insurance enough. (Though being approved for an allergy referral would not hurt…)

My dad claims his job keeps his brain young, compared to his younger programmer friend who stopped working then lost the ability to process complex situations and problems. In my older age, I would love to continue making decisions for myself so I do not have to depend on my kids.

Currently, I do not have any homework because I completed all of it in school. That’s the beauty of retaking calculus and getting on track with chemistry.

tl;dr Yeah, I think I would work for free.

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