Calculus Downgrade

I have a feeling that I will be asked this question numerous times, so what better way to inform people of my absurd decision than to write a blog post about it?

The question: Why are you (Maizy) taking AP Calculus AB when you have already completed AP Calculus BC, a more advanced class?The answer: Let’s begin with the facts.

Fact 1: Junior year (2013-2014) was not a very good year for me. That being said, my math grades were less than desirable. I got a C in the B semester and a B in the C semester. If you need it drawn out, here you go:

AP Calculus BC (Section B, semester 11A): C
AP Calculus BC (Section C, semester 11B): B

Fact 2: My electronic engineer father advises me to complete as much calculus as I can in COLLEGE.

Fact 3: I did pretty well in the Calculus A portion of Honors Pre-Calculus, with the exception of related rates.

Here are the reasons I plan to retake AB and NOT BC

Reason 1: I am less than satisfied with the C in Calculus B, but at least it is a passing grade. It was due to a lack of complete homework and understanding of the material. On top of that, I tended to earn lower grades on tests for chapters of which I finished nearly all of the homework. By taking this class, I understand I am not rewriting this grade on my transcript, but at least I start over with a fresh review from section A. I am doing this solely for my education and not for the sake of my grades.

Reason 2: This class is taught by a different teacher, a teacher who I felt taught math very well and was available with any question I had. Not that the BC teacher wasn’t (because she was very helpful as well), but I liked this teacher’s Cornell notes packets. Perhaps she can give me an insight that the BC teacher did not. Additionally, I fear that BC will be put in 1st period again, and don’t get me started on the numerous health problems I encountered from lack of sleep last year. Currently, my schedule does not include a 1st period.

Reason 3: I need motivation. Junior year (and this past summer school semester) have drained my confidence in school. I did not earn A’s like I hoped I would in Economics 201 and Political Science 150. I am hoping that I will earn an A in math and solidify my understanding of this section in Calculus, along with establishing a “study grind”.

Reason 4: I tested into Pre-Calculus when I took the COC placement test. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t Calculus BC cover at LEAST Calculus 1? I can accept that College Calculus and High School Calculus are not the same, but Calculus is not issued in 15 different dialects. I am pretty sure that my high school foundation in Calculus has led me to understand numerous math jokes and physics lessons (and it helped a little in Econ, too).

The main point is that I plan on taking the AP Calculus AB test so I can at least skip over this section. I am content with my grade and knowledge in Calculus C, so I will have a good basis when I retake that in college.

But wait? Didn’t I just say I want to skip over a section of Calculus in college? Yes! I do. I want to skip over (hopefully) Calculus I. I have been told that HS Calculus skips over lessons that are not mentioned in College Calculus, but I’m going to take the gamble.

Reason 5: As a future engineer, Calculus is vital to my profession whereas Statistics is not as much. In COC, it is not a class necessary to obtain a STEM degree. I would rather patch up the gaps (especially the monstrosity called RELATED RATES) in my Calculus knowledge while in high school where there is free tutoring and teachers who care.

Thank you for caring and taking the time to read this so I do not have to repeat myself verbally.

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