Raspberry Pi + Other Updates

Remember when I said I plan on being an engineer? (The word “chemical” may have preceded it, but nonetheless, I AM going to be some sort of engineer.) My dad, an electronic engineer, bought my brother and I each our own Raspberry Pi Bs. I’m using this last week of summer to learn as much as I can, and perhaps complete one or two projects.

Along with that, I have finished my Economics class, but I doubt I got anything higher than a C. (And after checking my unofficial transcript promptly after writing that, I continue my anxiety because my teacher has not published my grade.) I did, however, manage to earn a B (81%) on my third test. That was a great achievement considering my previous in-class test grades were 59% and 69%. What can I say? I work hard for my bad test grades. I even studied harder for the 59% than the 69%. (Sense the sarcasm?) Worst comes the worst, I will omit Econ for my high school transcript and take regular Econ.

I registered for my last year of high school. I successfully obtained an 8 o’clock start time, though it results in getting out of school at 2. Nonetheless, I will not be stressing out from lack of sleep… too much. My current, 1st semester schedule contains Intro Computer Science, AP Calc AB (yes, I did the downgrade), AP Chem, Health, and Mythology. I completed my AP Chem Quest assignments, but I have yet to complete Erbie Terbium (dimensional analysis worksheet) and find out if there was an assignment for AP Calc AB.

Last but not least, I have contributed a wonderful (though incomplete) piece of literature to feminism.

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