Minecraft Robbery

Has anyone experienced a glitch with Minecraft where all belongings stored in chests are missing?

Earlier this week, I wanted to go back to Minecraft and build a vacation home (on top of the many I’ve built already). I returned to my file that I’ve spent two years working on. When I looked for my master map, I discovered it was missing, and so was everything else. Is it bad that I feel like I lost a piece of my life? There are numerous buildings throughout the land where items are stored in chests. I just lost over 30 maps, 16 diamonds, 1000s of coal and redstone, and at least 20 emeralds. I do not know what happened.

Is it better to start a new world or continue building in this one and move on?

Just to make a note, I cannot be grieved. This is a single player world and I have never let anyone access it without my permission.

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