Sick for Too Long

Since my cruise, I have been suffering from numerous, discontinuous stomachaches and other gastrointestinal problems. I have gone to the doctor’s office twice for a check-up twice since June. Originally, the doctor presumed I had norovirus, but the results from my test could not determine whether or not I had it at the time. By now, it is too late to test for it. Continue reading


Thank You, Dimension 4550

Dear Dimension 4550,

Thank you for providing me the means to splurge multiple profanities with purpose. I have gone through multiple trials of fixing you up.

1. Before restarting your entire system, you were the slowest computer I ever encountered. My Compaq with an Intel Atom is faster than your Pentium piece of shit.

2. It took me a bazillion times until my own dad successfully made you boot from CD. I even went through setup myself.

3. After the CD boot up, you gave me the BSOD with “STOP: c0000221 unknown Hard Error \SystemRoot\System32\ntdll.dll”. What the hell?

4. I switched disks (instead of using the XP SP2, I used XP SP1) and you finally loaded that into your system.


Raspberry Pi + Other Updates

Remember when I said I plan on being an engineer? (The word “chemical” may have preceded it, but nonetheless, I AM going to be some sort of engineer.) My dad, an electronic engineer, bought my brother and I each our own Raspberry Pi Bs. I’m using this last week of summer to learn as much as I can, and perhaps complete one or two projects.

Along with that, I have finished my Economics class, but I doubt I got anything higher than a C. (And after checking my unofficial transcript promptly after writing that, I continue my anxiety because my teacher has not published my grade.) I did, however, manage to earn a B (81%) on my third test. That was a great achievement considering my previous in-class test grades were 59% and 69%. What can I say? I work hard for my bad test grades. I even studied harder for the 59% than the 69%. (Sense the sarcasm?) Worst comes the worst, I will omit Econ for my high school transcript and take regular Econ.

I registered for my last year of high school. I successfully obtained an 8 o’clock start time, though it results in getting out of school at 2. Nonetheless, I will not be stressing out from lack of sleep… too much. My current, 1st semester schedule contains Intro Computer Science, AP Calc AB (yes, I did the downgrade), AP Chem, Health, and Mythology. I completed my AP Chem Quest assignments, but I have yet to complete Erbie Terbium (dimensional analysis worksheet) and find out if there was an assignment for AP Calc AB.

Last but not least, I have contributed a wonderful (though incomplete) piece of literature to feminism.