Honest Opinions

On ask.fm, a popular question people ask is “can you do an HO (honest opinion) on -person-?”. I prefer not to participate in making those comments about other people.

My policy for everyone is that if I don’t have anything nice to say about them, then I don’t say it. However, this may cause a problem if I only write honest opinions for people I like, for then it would be obvious whom I do not like. Additionally, there are some people I do not know well enough, and I do not want to exclude them. The only time I made an exception was when I wrote to my close friends what I expect them to do under the influence of alcohol (assuming they let their guards down). Another reason I do not do honest opinions is because I think it promotes competition and I do not want to encourage societal competition for either gender.

I would like people not to write honest opinions on me. I hope when they are asked to write one about me, they politely refuse in order to reciprocate the courtesy even if they have nice things to say. I doubt anyone I do not like wants to hear bad things about them from me, and I would not like them to acknowledge my lesser traits either. My friends can make comments about me when I’m gone physically or virtually.

I do not think lesser of any person who decides to join in on this trend. I merely do this to protect myself and my reputation. I want to be on good terms with everyone and be seen as a trustworthy, impartial, and friendly woman. I cannot deny my character may slip, but in the long run, this is the impression (and expression) I intend to give.


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