Allure Review Part 7

Most activities are located on Deck 15, dubbed the Pool & Sports Zone. There, they have attractions for all ages. There is the H2O Zone, basketball courts, ping pong, Flowrider, rock climbing, zip lining, miniature golf, arcades, and the Solarium. Note: Flowrider, rock climbing, and zip lining require waivers. They can be signed through the TV. Additionally, there was a Shabbat Service for Jewish people in the chapel on Deck 17.

On the last day of cruising, I had the opportunity to “babysit” my cousins on my dad’s side. We went to the H2O Zone, where there were numerous attractions such as a 3ft pool, a lazy river, built-in water guns, water wheels that pour water below themselves, and frozen yogurt (vanilla, strawberry, chocolate). The place catered towards young kids and the young-at-heart (like me!). What really gets annoying there is when some turd of a kid shoots me with the water guns. There were 3 other public pools that were deeper that 3ft (5ft was probably the max). According to the kids (who kept moving around to all 4 public pools), one pool had saltwater, and that one was not the kiddie pool. There were multiple showers, and a few hot tubs and towel dispatchers throughout Deck 15. There was one pool area exclusive to cruisers 16 and older- the Solarium. (The Solarium Cafe was open to all ages.) The Solarium pool and hot tub were filled with adults who seemed to be drunk. It was not much of a fun atmosphere- to a teen.

Hot tubs at night (closed)

Hot tubs at night (closed)

Pool at night (closed)

Pool at night (closed)

I experienced the Flowrider, Royal Caribbean’s surfing simulator, on the boogie board side. It hurt my thighs. If you are concerned with getting water in your eyes, like I am because of my contacts (and also because I do not want water in my eyes), wear goggles. The instructor recommended it. Also, you must have your wristband to prove your waiver is signed. In case you forget, the instructor may allow you to retrieve it and save your spot in line. I would not go on the Flowrider again, but I think that my adventurous little brother would if he came with me.

Almost all of my family climbed rocks. I regret not taking the chance when I had it. It looked like fun, but I could also do it at Mountasia. My cousin Kaitlynn said she felt very secure. My (new from marriage) cousin Sara and her family climbed rocks over and over while the rest of the passengers explored St. Maarten.

My uncle, his son (my cousin), and his son (my cousin, once removed) zip lined above 8 decks. I recorded all of them, but to protect their privacy, I will not disclose the footage. Honestly, it is not very exciting footage. A few of my friends who zip-lined said that it did not go fast enough and that it was no big deal. In order to zip line, one must bring at least a pair of socks. Royal Caribbean can provide closed and protected shoes to wear, but they do not provide socks.

There is a miniature golf course, but I was burnt out on mini golf from the last time I played it- 3 months ago. My (dad’s side) family enjoyed it and persuaded me to play with them.

There were two arcades on board; though, I do not know how to pay to play. I swiped my card in a few games, but I could not play them. There was one on Deck 15 and another one, targeted towards the Adventure Ocean crowd, on Deck 14. No, they did not carry my favorite games such as DDR or Fast and Furious Super Bikes.

Besides the frozen yogurt in the middle of Deck 15, there was another dispenser (strawberry, chocolate) in the Wipeout Cafe!.

To hold my traditions as a good Shabbat-High Holiday Jew, I decided to honor my family and religion by attending Shabbat alone. The event was found on the Compass. On Friday at 5 PM, many Jewish people gathered in the chapel for Shabbat. Royal Caribbean did not lead the service; they only provided challah, battery powered candles, and merlot wine. It was very kind of them to consider us, a small group who only filled a quarter of the room. The service was not well organized. I wish I was in charge so I could just recite the wine, candles, bread, and sh’ma and leave. It would be much to the dismay of the Israel Jews, who were probably orthodox, but I wanted to eat. The two men who performed the service read from the books provided, but I did not know what they were saying. The thought, however, was nice. Leading a service is not very easy, and it takes a lot of time. Additionally, the men allowed me to recite the wine prayer. I felt weird as I sang it, fearing I was somehow showing off or doing something nontraditional, but many of the people congratulated me. At the end of the long, delayed service (5:45 PM), we passed around glasses of wine (it tasted NASTY) and picked up pieces of challah from the front of the room (which I used to drown out the flavor of the merlot).

During the service, I had the privilege to meet Elaine (I believe that was her name). She was a white, South African woman who was, obviously, Jewish. We discussed the ignorance of Americans regarding their belief that Africa was a whole country and not a continent. I told her I did a project the year before on South Africa. She was impressed with my level of maturity and intelligence. I was pleased that I someone so warm to talk to me. It turned out that she was only a few cabins away from me, so I walked her to her cabin before I changed into my formal dress for dinner.

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