Allure Review Part 5

Cruises are usually reviewed by adults and mostly cater to adults. Maybe I liked the cruise because I am a bit mature for my age (as I have been told by many people… it is such a cliche) and I enjoy the company of adults, but I think there are many things the average teenager would enjoy on the Allure of the seas.

Alcohol is a major wallet drainer for adults (about $7 a drink), but teens can also experience similar drinks in virgin form. I enjoyed 2 Pina Coladas, 1 Mango Mojito, and 1 Strawberry Margarita. One PC was from the Sand Bar, the other was in On Air. Sand Bar served it with a pineapple slice, and On Air served it with a cherry. The MM was served with 3 cherries in the Amber Theater (drink courtesy of Uncle Rich during ABBACADABRA’s Headliner Show). The SM from the Boardwalk Bar was not served with any fruit (drink courtesy of cousin Greg). I bought a SM for my cousin who celebrated his 1th birthday on board at the Adagio. He enjoyed it very much. All of these sweet & enjoyable virgin drinks cost $4.60, including gratuity.

There is a compass specifically for teens, the Teen Compass. It lists all the events for teens to attend, but if (approx.) 15 teens do not show up, then the event is cancelled. Being in the 15-17 age group meant that events were NEVER to HARDLY available. Fede was kind to allow me to join the 12-14 in Majority Rules, but I declined to enjoy the company of my (dad’s side) uncle. The 12-14 group seemed to have all of their events, though. When in doubt, Adventure Ocean, my young-at-heart teens. By the way, Royal Caribbean sets a 2AM curfew for all unaccompanied minors.

On the first night, there was a teen meet & greet in Fuel, the teen disco, at 8PM. Fede spent at least 15 minutes explaining the rules & compass. After the lecture, all the teens were to receive a sticker determining their age group. Unfortunately, I attended the M&G 15 minutes late and in a t-shirt and shorts. Everyone, dressed in club wear (nice clothes & dresses), had already formed cliques by then. I did not feel welcome to join any group. Luckily, prior to the free time we had to actually meet & greet, a boy (who shared the same birthday, a year later) offered me his seat. I decided he was warm enough to approach, so we talked until I had to leave to watch Ocean Aria. Thanks Justin, from the Hetalia fandom!

Fuel was barely open. It was only available during certain events, like the going home party and meet & greet.

The Living Room was open most of the time. It was closed during meal times and after 12AM-ish. The group supplied Wii, Xbox, and PS games (I forgot the edition of the consoles, sorry!) along with the occasional Kinect event on the big TV. On the second night, I met Kaylyn, Doug, and Darius when they invited me to play Apples to Apples with them. Prior to that game, I met Madison from one of the Southern states and MJ from Puerto Rico. MJ and I played Apples to Apples (which was fun, until the guys made fun of women’s soccer). I am pretty sure I won that round of Apples to Apples. Antonio (or Anthony, as I heard he was actually called) popped into our game, but he left frequently so we kicked him out. Not too long after that, a group of teens came in. Initially, I was a bit repulsed by their loudness, but I am glad I worked things out with Britanny and Cassidy. I enjoyed their company during the last few days of the cruise.

One day, I built a fort in the Living Room with the teens from my (mom’s side) cousin’s group. Yes, it was fun. When we left, the 12-14 clique that “dominated” the Living Room tore it apart and made sure we “never built it again”. That was so silly… but we never built it again.

There were 2 proms on the second to last day held in Blaze on Deck 4. The first was for 12-14, the second for 15-17. Because mine was held an hour and a half after the GLOW Party started, I just went from party to party. Prom was casual and a let down. Casual, I could care less because I had just ripped Peacock during the formal dinner that night (IT WAS LOBSTER AND ESCARGOT NIGHT), but the only drinks they served were soda and water. No virgin drinks. And there were only 3 people dancing on the dance floor while a large group in the dark back were chatting. I would not be surprised if they were kicked out because there was a couple in that group that were getting pretty frisky. Not that I condemn teenage friskiness, but in front of everyone? Really. Despite all this, it was nice to see Blaze, the night club for adults. It is only good when were are interesting people to talk to.

On a side note, Adventure Ocean is the program for kids up to age 12ish. However, I was able to go there for the Family Art event where I went, by myself, to make my dad a paper ship for Father’s Day. Yes, I felt lonely because I missed my dad and all of the stupid 5 year olds who made the same craft had their mommies and daddies with them on board and I did not. (If you have not sensed the childish contempt and jealousy, there is childish contempt and jealousy.) My younger (dad’s side) cousins and (mom’s side cousin’s) friend’s kids begged to go to Adventure Ocean everyday, so it must be very entertaining. I wonder if they would actually allow someone who was 3 months away from turning 17.

Happy Father's Day!

Hey, Dad. Look at what your 16 year old daughter made for Father’s Day!

Another thing- Sorrento’s Pizza is the best hangout.

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