Allure Review Part 4

What keeps cruisers occupied better than activities? The Allure of the Seas had a karaoke bar, an evening dance club, and a Latin dance restaurant for those who enjoyed singing and dancing. For kids, they could attend the Dreamworks Character Breakfast featuring Shrek, Puss, and Fiona. For Cruise Critic members, there was a meet & greet held in Dazzles, on deck 8 in the morning of Day 3. On the second to last night, there was a glow party for all ages.The On Air karaoke bar in the Promenade (deck 5) was open every night. It usually hosted sports television or karaoke. Often, it was packed. Whenever a young kid sang (and I mean younger than me), people felt compelled to stay then leave after the song was finished. Not that it was a bad thing, though. I would not want to rain on a kid’s parade. My uncle and I both sang a song, each. He sang “Hot Hot Hot” by Buster Pointdexter and I performed “Viva la Vida” by Coldplay. I have recordings of both of our performances, but I refuse to publicize them. Additionally, I joined Kamikaze Karaoke and won LAST PLACE with “I Left my Heart in San Francisco” by Tony Bennett. Apparently, that is the easiest song to sing for karaoke, but I had no idea how it went. My prize was a Royal Caribbean keychain.

photo 5 (3)

LQ pic of me at Kamikaze Karaoke

Dazzles, the ship’s elegant ballroom (decks 8 & 9), hosted a nightly event, Dazzles After Dark. A live band played (loud) dance music for everyone. The place was quite lively, and I wanted my uncle to take me dancing, since my dad (his older brother) was not on board with me. Unfortunately, we never got around to dancing at Dazzles, but I visited the place at night anyway. There is something (wait for it) dazzling about the ballroom when it is populated at night.

For the next cruise, I'm definitely dancing here at Dazzles After Dark

For the next cruise, I’m definitely dancing here at Dazzles After Dark.

Boleros (on deck 5 in the Promenade) played loud Latin music every night. The energetic singer was at the foot of the dance floor, and many couples swung around. I felt guilty to step inside the restaurant, considering it was specialty, so I did not join the fun. I wonder how the staterooms above the restaurant slept at night…

One morning, I attended the character breakfast with my cousin’s family and her friends. Despite the fact I was the only minor at the table, I enjoyed having conversations with the adults and taking pictures with Shrek, Puss in Boots, and Fiona. I only received a sticker from Fiona, for Shrek and Puss did not offer one to me (After all, I am a 16 year old. Once a kid hits high school age, the world treats them like an adult).

Puss in Boots dancing to Ricky Martin's "Go Go Go Ale Ale Ale"

Puss in Boots dancing to Ricky Martin’s “Go Go Go Ale Ale Ale”

The sticker Fiona gave me.

The sticker Fiona gave me.

A very threatening Shrek dancing to "Gangnam Style" by Psy

A very threatening Shrek dancing to “Gangnam Style” by Psy

Along with the Dreamworks Experience, if a group took a picture somewhere on the Promenade, a Dreamworks character, such as King Julian, would photobomb. It could be considered annoying to the adults, but I thought it was funny (and very expected from his persona). Yes, my uncle & his family were victims, but out of consideration of their privacy, I will not release those photos. However, here is a picture of Gloria and me. In the back, you can see the On Air club to the left and Starbucks to the right. No, I did not purchase any Starbucks on board.

If you look in the back, you will see the On Air club.

Yes, I enjoy patting her round belly.

One event I looked forward to was the Cruise Critic Meet & Mingle. For weeks (even months), I followed, read, and shared my stories on the thread regarding this exact cruise on the Cruise Critic forum. I met many kind people at the M&M, including Frenchie (and her daughter prior to the event) and KPSB’s family. It was nice to meet people whose faces I would often see around the ship. If I were to travel on another cruise that offered this M&M, I would join it in a heartbeat. On a side note, this is where I took the Wonderbook from the woman who won it twice in the raffle.

The Glow Party was the party of the year. I feel bad for any cruiser who did not attend. Ken Rush came out with an illuminated suit. There were so many people in Studio B! Outside of the venue, the staff sold (overpriced) light-up merchandise, but my cousin’s friend was so kind to give me a ring. I had 3 cups of coffee just to stay up for the party, so I went upstairs to change my outfit 4 times, out of indecisiveness. I danced with my cousin’s party, and then I abandoned them for my friends I met earlier in the trip: Cassidy (Frenchie’s daughter), Brittany, Darius, Kaylyn, and Doug. Apparently some guy, not part of our group, was high and grinding with some girl. Come on, this is a FAMILY party. Why would you grind at a FAMILY party?

Raves for families.

A rave for families, but it delivered.

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