Allure Review Part 3

Almost every cruise ship offers a variety of shows for its passengers. Most of the shows catered to all ages while some (only the comedy shows) solely allowed adults in the room. At every show, the Cruise Director Ken Rush was present to ensure all of the cast AND CREW members were appreciated.

On the first night, I attended OceanAria after dinner (and the teen meet & greet). It was held in the Aqua Theater, located in the back of the ship. (Shows in the Aqua Theater can be seen from the Boardwalk, inside balconies from deck 6 to 14*, and the Pool & Sports Zone.) The night setting complimented the illuminated stage. OceanAria is basically water acrobats. The cast was suited with dresses and brief-sized bottoms made with swimming designated material. Additionally, I noticed the women’s makeup did not smudge. Many of the cast members performed in pairs, whether it was jumping off diving boards or doing stunts that others may call “gay” but I would call “strength performances”. One of the biggest feats was a jump from a diving board from deck 16* down to deck 6, where the pool & stage were located. This was a great show to kick off the cruise, and I would recommend it to anyone. Grade: A+

ABBACADABRA, the “number one ABBA tribute band”, was present in the Amber Theater. (The Amber Theater is located in Entertainment Place on Deck 4.) I was fortunate to find my uncle and his family in the front row, so I had access to all of the goodies the band handed out. As far as I know, the band played all of ABBA’s biggest hits. However, I am unsure if I heard “The Winner Takes it All”.  The members acted out feuds with their former counterparts. Many times, the women in the band would criticize the men for not being satisfying, and the men would turn around and acknowledge the women left them, again. They would throw out novelties such as a dollar bill saying “Money Money Money” with the members’ faces during the song “Money, Money, Money” and glow sticks throughout a few of the songs. There was quite a build up to the last song, “Dancing Queen”. After the band thanked the audience and all of the crew members, they said “Well, we haven’t forgotten any songs!” and the audience yelled “Dancing Queen”. The blonde man replied “Do some Queen? Well, this IS an ABBA tribute band…” and all of a sudden, the band played Bohemian Rhapsody close to the part of “Galileo”. I won’t mention that I lost control of my sanity and the blonde man on the piano noticed my freakishly high voice screaming “let him go!” Finally, the song faded into Dancing Queen, and the women had two disco balls, each went to one person on either side of the stage. My cousin, was the lucky recipient on the right side. If I was not in the front row, the performance might not have been as fun. Grade: B+

Royal Caribbean has a deal with Dreamworks, similar to Carnival and Dr. Suess and Disney with, well, Disney. There was an ice skating adaptation of How to Train Your Dragon (1) in Studio B (in Entertainment Place on deck 4, near the Amber Theater). For someone who has not seen the movie since it came out, it was a good touch up for watching the premiere of HTTYD2 (continued in the next paragraph). The show was truncated and did not recreate every part of the movie. In fact, the scenes where Hiccup and Astrid ride Toothless were kind of wonky, considering they just skated in front of the 3 people holding up Toothless. Nonetheless, the recreated dragons themselves looked well done. I sat in the front row, and Gothi accidentally stepped on my toe. She apologized by patting my arm. (I felt special.) Most of the characters were dressed in a costume that hid their actual body, Gothi, Stoick, and Gobber being a few of them. Hiccup and Astrid only wore clothes similar to the TV characters. Grade: B

On Friday, June 13, 2014, there was a premiere showing of How to Train Your Dragon 2 in 3D in the Amber Theater (supposedly, this was the same day as the land premiere). The movie itself was very entertaining and true to its roots. However, it was a war movie, and war movies do not need to carry a certain depth. There is no need to give much of a review for this show, for it can be seen outside of the Allure. However, popcorn and drinks were less than half the price of the same thing in land theaters. Because the showing and glasses were free and the popcorn and drinks were cheaper, this show gets a Grade: A.

Ice Games was another popular show on the ice at Studio B. It was based off of Monopoly and locations on the ship. It did not have much of a story, and when given the opportunity, Boardwalk was colored ORANGE (you had ONE job, Royal Caribbean). The beginning of the show was a skating routine to 3 Michael Jackson songs in flashy suits and ocean animal costumes. A couple of times, a member of the audience had the opportunity to “roll the dice”. The locations visited were: Boardwalk, Casino Royale, Giovanni’s Table, and jail. In every location, the crew members brought out props pertaining to the setting (i.e. a table and umbrella for Giovanni’s Table, located in Central Park). The best performances were “Candyman” in Boardwalk and the hula-hoop acrobat. It was very lively and colorful; I wanted to get up there and skate with them. Altogether, the show was basically a bunch of people skating in flashy costumes. There was not much substance, and I do not think I would recommend the show to anyone, unless they did not have something else to do. Grade: C.

A classic show was the Love & Marriage Gameshow in the Amber Theater. In case you do not know what it is, the one person in a relationship answers questions about the other while the latter hides in a soundproof room. Then, the hidden partner verifies the first partner’s answers. After, the partners switch places and repeat the same procedure. Whichever couple answers the most questions correct wins. I did not like the subtle suggestion of violence when it was mentioned that it was okay for the women to hit their husbands, but the husbands could not hit their wives. 1. It suggested women were delicate. 2. Hitting is not okay, ever. 3. Maybe I can’t take a joke, but I felt uneasy about this exchange (or maybe I should stop because this gives women the opportunity to take revenge on men). Additionally, the men received questions about their wives regarding their bra size, sex life, and craziest sexual encounter while the women guessed their husband’s favorite condiment (shortened to “condom” when asking the men), first thing to touch in the morning, and one thing they would want to change about their husband. Other than this comment and the division of the questions, the show was very hilarious and sexual. The audience learned that the oldest couple in the room (52 years) had sex in her Bubby’s living room, and I learned that the oldest couple in the room was Jewish. At the end, all three couples received bountiful gifts. The show was televised and aired on the ship’s channel. Grade: A-

*Decks may not be accurate.

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