Allure Review Part 2

What is the best part of a cruise? THE FOODThe main dining room, Adagio, had undeniably the best food (A). The first night, I had spinach salad, seafood spaghetti, and BBB creme brulee. On the second to last dinner, I had escargot, 2 of the Fisherman’s plate (with lobster and vegetables), and Baked Alaska. Appetizers I experienced were tomato bisque, royal seafood salad, shrimp cocktail, cream of mushroom, arugula salad, chilled banana & rum soup w/ ice cream, and chilled strawberry bisque. Other meals I ate that I cannot date include rosemary lamb shank, tiger shrimp,  and orecchiette with prosciutto. Only the orecchiette and lamb were not good. There was this jelly mint sauce that they offered with my lamb that I would recommend. Some of the desserts I enjoyed were key lime pie, vanilla merengue cookies (on the night of strawberry pavlova), tiramisu, strawberry souffle, chocolate cake (that the waiter tricked me to eat when I thought he said my tiramisu wasn’t coming), and pear foam. Every night, I noticed the Adagio offered a chilled fruit soup as an appetizer. Though I did not try all of them, the two I did have (banana & rum, strawberry) were very good and sweet. If I go on another cruise with Royal Caribbean, I’ll make sure to try all of them. On another note, I could tell the shrimp was frozen for the cocktail. My dad claims my family is spoiled with my mom’s fresh shrimp.

Banana & Rum soup w/ vanilla ice cream. suggested by Suzie (THANK YOU)

Banana & Rum soup w/ vanilla ice cream

tomato bisque

tomato bisque

Windjammer was the most diverse buffet. They offered food such as tandori chicken, fried chicken, Indian fried chips, and alfredo just to name a few. There was a vast dessert buffet, but I did not try any of those desserts. One soup I did not try was the make-your-own miso soup. The broth was located in the soup department, but the noodles, vegetables, and shrimp were kept by the kitchen. Unfortunately, I did not eat here frequently. I wish I did, despite the C+ food quality.

Sorrento’s was my go-to place when it was 10:30 and I wanted to some food before I took my birth control pill. There were so many different types of pizzas. Every day, they had cheese, pepperoni, gluten-free, and vegetarian. The daily pizzas would include meat-lover’s and some other pizzas I can only describe. One had eggplant, chunks of cheese (feta?), and green bell peppers. Another had spinach and chunk feta cheese. That and the cheese were my favorites. As someone who is not a big fan of pepperoni pizza, the gluten-free pepperoni pizza was not bad. In fact, I would recommend it. I give the food an A-.

Park Cafe is a restaurant I want to introduce to my parents, assuming Royal Caribbean offers an affordable Canada or Mexico cruise from Los Angeles or San Diego. Here, I made a salad with lots of garnish. In fact, I felt I chose too much. The salad consisted of cucumbers, lettuce, other salad vegetables, mozzarella balls, baby shrimp, and creamy blue cheese dressing. I looked forward to the soups, except on the day there was minestrone and lentil soup. Cream of chicken was delicious. When I heard there were paninis, I did not expect cold ones such as egg salad or tuna. I hoped for toasted swiss and turkey, just like at Vons market. The green tortilla bell pepper quesadilla was satisfying, however. Everyday, I would come to the dessert section and choose whatever sugar-free mousse they had. It had a sweet taste that was not overpowering… And I still crave it. One day, there were cream puffs. They were not as rich as my mom’s, but they were tasty nonetheless. B+

Make your own salad (shrimp, blue cheese, mozarella balls)

Make your own salad (shrimp, blue cheese, mozarella balls)

Cream of Chicken

Cream of Chicken

Room service was similar to the Adagio. I would not be surprised if that was where the food came from. I enjoyed hash browns, eggs, milk, and roasted tomatoes from room service for breakfast. The majority of my breakfast came from room service. On the first night of the cruise, my cousin and I ordered spinach dip, cheese plate, and cookies. I passed on the cookies, but the dip and cheese delivered. I think I need more of that brie. Additionally, I secretly ordered coffee when my cousin was out of the cabin so I could stay awake for the GLOW party. I drank 3 cups.

The boardwalk hot dogs were okay; I would rate them B. I did not like the bread, but the sausages were tasty. The big apple dog, though made of chicken, was surprisingly not dry but very flavorful. I only ate two hot dogs, and the other sausage I tried I cannot remember. It was drowned out with sauerkraut anyway.

Across from the hot dog stand is the ice cream parlor. This was the only specialty food I had, courtesy of my cousin Greg. I ate The Ogre, a green apple ice cream drizzled with caramel. Ever have a caramel apple pop? That is what it tastes like in ice cream form. I am not going to rate it since you can judge for yourself with a $.25 lollipop.

I attended breakfast in the Adagio twice. Once for the Dreamworks character breakfast. Once for an average breakfast. I highly recommend the chocolate croissants. There was a buffet with (but not limited to) lox, corned beef hash, and hash browns (which were different from the made-to-order hash browns). Here is the lox I ordered at the character buffet.

photo 5 (2)

Very salty, but good texture. Would recommend to Dad, the lox connoisseur.

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