Allure Review Part 1

Let’s talk about the art and employees.

At the Cruise Critic meet & greet (which I will discuss in a later post), I received a book about the art of the Allure from someone who won two of them. It was fun to review the artwork in the book and remember their locations on the ship. Much of the art did not have any extraordinary appeal to me, perhaps due to my undeveloped taste of fine art or maybe it was because I am just not an art person. Nonetheless, there are my favorite pieces.

The colorful pebble statues near Windjammer Marketplace*


The painted glass in the shape of a female body in front of Vitality Spa*

Body Glass

The graffiti-like mural in the Living Room*

Allure Graffiti

My airbrush tattoo


Large glass roof in Central Park

photo 3

Chandelier at Dazzles

photo 2

These blue glass birds in Central Park

photo 1

*Taken from the book Wonderbook: The Art on Allure of the Seas

On another note, the employees made me feel like royalty in this extravagant, royal ship. The stateroom attendant remembered my cousin, her family, and me. He thought I was my cousin’s daughter, but I told him my story about my uncle and how altogether I basically traveled with 28 people and switched families for dinner every night. Anyway, two nights he left a surprise in our rooms. Artistic towel folding. The first one was a bat. The second was a heart. He told me “I left my heart in your room”. No, I did not think it was creepy at all.

photo 5 photo 4

Some nights, the waiters at the Adagio would sing a song or gather up applause (because we enjoyed the service and food). On the last night, there was a big celebration of clapping and music. I felt so sad that I was leaving the ship, leaving these kind people. They really work hard to provide cruisers with prompt and kind service. At buffets like Wipeout Cafe!, the servers always made sure the tables were not cluttered from finished plates.

At the Love and Marriage Gameshow, Cruise Director Ken Rush introduced the audience to the “Love Doctor”, a bartender who was serving the audience. The Doctor claimed he would help the couples with their troubles and make drinks with “Love Potion No. 9”.

Even if they were not servicing me, all the stateroom attendants acknowledged and greeted me. Some would even ask how I was doing and tell me good morning or good night.


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