The Art of Cruising

The next dozen or so posts will be dedicated to my recent trip to the Eastern Caribbean. The 1 post per 4 days schedule will continue.

Recently, I went on vacation with the Royal Caribbean ship, Allure of the Seas, on the Eastern Caribbean itinerary. I had a blast. Originally, I was part of my mom’s niece’s 18 person group. However, I discovered the Friday before I boarded that my dad’s brother and his party of 11 (of my cousins and his wife) were taking the exact same cruise. What a surprise! My cousin has planned this trip with me since March, but my uncle scheduled it in September. Prior to this cruise, I had never been on a cruise ship as a multicellular organism.

Cruises make the perfect vacations. There are endless types of food to eat, shows to watch every day, and locations to visit. It is a giant container of elated people on vacation. In the setting of the Hunger Games, people from the Capitol would enjoy tons of food- with a side of seasickness. (Though I would not recommend such a routine.)

The food is not A+++, but it is at least a B. Most places follow a breakfast then lunch schedule and close for dinner, leaving the Adagio the only place available to get a complimentary meal. However, I spent my nights at Sorrento’s pizza shop, getting a cheap but delicious fourthmeal. I never spent money at the specialty restaurants. Sometimes, we would order room service, and they had a diverse cheese plate and spinach dip. This is why people gain weight on cruises.

There were numerous shows to watch; few of them were Dreamworks related. Some shows were in the Amber Theater, some water shows were held in the Aqua Theater, and a few were in the Studio B ice rink. About 3 events/shows were filmed and aired on the cruise’s television network.

Unfortunately, I could not visit the whole world, but the Caribbean was enough for me. Each place I visited (Nassau, St. Thomas, St. Maarten) was vast and green. It was a pleasure to bask in the (extreme) sun and clear waters. Unfortunately, my sun burned skin does not think I should keep my golden tan.

Cruises are wonderful for people who wish to practice socializing skills. Waiting in elevators with 24 other people (which happens VERY often) can be very awkward if there is no conversation going on. It is nice to start small talk such as “who isn’t sunburned?”, “any good food you recommend on the ship?”, “did you see -show-?”, or “are you going to -event-?”. I started numerous conversations in elevators and long lines. Not once did I encounter an unhappy cruiser. In fact, I was quite glad I conversed with someone in the line for pictures. It was quite long and I could tell either of us were bored. Though I did not need to wait in line after 5 minutes of waiting, I stayed to keep the other person busy. Socializing was probably my favorite part of the cruise.

Elevators were a big deal. There were 12 on each side, forward and aft, with 6 on the port side and 6 on the starboard side, only a few feet away. Despite the great amount of elevators, there was traffic during certain times. In the morning, it would be easy to get an elevator right away, but if one was returning or going to shore, muster drill, dinner, or any other large event, traffic was horrendous, particularly on whichever side of the ship it was on (aft or forward).

Cabins (not including suites or family staterooms) are quite small. I had an inside window cabin with a view of Central Park. The cruise toilets are my new favorite toilets. Yes, they are loud and I plug my ears every time I use them, but YOU CANNOT MAKE AN AUTOMATIC VACUUM TOILET because the seat must be covered. How can you cover a toilet if one’s ass is still planted on top of it? The public toilets were less loud and had a shorter suction.

I have a large schedule of posts to write regarding the cruise, mainly due to lack of other material. Stay tuned to find out the perks of cruising!

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