How CAN You?

Note: If people from Twitter see this, I could not care less. In fact, I hope they stumble upon this:

I once had a Tweet conversation that went something like this.

Person 1 (boy)- “I feel bad for the non-sluts who get a bad name from the sluts”.

Me- “Obviously there are the boys who gave them the bad name in the first place”.

P1- “Well no one criticizes them so oh well”.

Person 2 (girl) liked this.

P1, have you ever considered that maybe YOU are one of those guys that give girls their “slut” name? You hang out with more girls than any person hangs out with the opposite sex in this city. I would imagine you should be more supportive of the deterioration this stigma. Instead of “oh well”, why not “it really sucks. a lot of these ‘sluts’ are really fun people”. You are in that position of power to convince your audience otherwise. Not that getting more girls should be the only reason or your goal, but if you actually fought on behalf of feminism and defended “sluts” and “thots”, you would definitely get a lot of respect (and girls, which I’m sure you’re very interested in). I really hope you are not harming these girls and taking advantage of them. It seems to me you would be smarter than that and you are only friends. Obviously, if you had a sexual relationship with many of them, I would hope all your encounters had consent and you understood where you two were emotionally.

Really, P2? By liking that, you are saying that you are okay with this social system in place that deems sexually active girls (or even girls who hang out with many guys without an intended sexual relationship) “sluts”, but boys who do the same are considered “gods”. That is really funny, P2, because I am pretty sure you are in a similar situation. You would be labeled a “slut” because you started a new relationship about a week after your last one, but that one ex-boyfriend that cheated on you would be a “god” because he gets blow jobs from numerous girls a year. I do not condemn your practice, nor do I condemn his. However, how can you be okay with this double standard that you feared in the beginning? Was not that why you waited a month to “officially” start your new relationship?

Please, treat yo self.

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