Positive Eating Blogs

There are countless blogs out there run by teenage girls, grown men, and- actually, these blogs are run by people of all ages. Some blogs focus on working out and drinking protein shakes. Others reblog buff or fit women and men. Sometimes, a “thinspo” blog may be pro-anorexia and will promote messages like “eat little” or “best time to throw up”. Many of these blogs can make people feel insecure because the viewer does not look like a certain person and encourage unhealthy (even deadly) eating habits. What could be an amiable thinspo/fitspo blog?

The most important part of losing weight and keeping it down is eating. You could workout 20 hours for 6 days a week, but you would not be healthy if all you ate was junk food. For example, I am currently losing weight by cutting out junk food, candy, and most sugary drinks from my diet. In this 2 month period, I have lowered my overweight BMI to 24.9 and lost 5 pounds.

A good thinspiration blog would show pictures of numerous healthy meals that provide the required food groups, vitamins, and minerals. There is nothing like seeing a juicy steak with steamed broccoli instead of breadcrumbs and a glass of milk. Additionally, these meals should be presented in a healthy size on a small plate. Viewers will be accustomed to seeing small portions of meals, so they will eat less (which sounds like hypocrisy, but let me get there). Many Americans enter restaurants and receive large plates of food filled with mainly carbohydrates. Excess eating can put unnecessary weight on you (in fact, it is probably why I am a larger size). These smaller portions will train the brain to recognize how much food is necessary for one meal.

If these blogs want to be very serious about their diets (what am I, a blog dietitian?), they should never, if not rarely, reblog desserts. Just like the healthy human diet, it is okay to eat sweets, but they need to be rationalized.

If pictures of food are not cutting it, recipes for delicious and nutritious meals and desserts with ingredient substitutions are perfect. What better way to enjoy the food you see than to make it yourself? Of course, it might not look as fabulous, but I would rather my meal taste fabulous, if I had to choose between the two.

The number one thing to NOT post are pictures of people. This encourages comparison, and it may lead to insecurity. Not everyone experiences the same results, and not everyone has the same goal or beginning. What can be published, instead, are reasons why people lose weight. Some people may lose weight to avoid diabetes and other life-threatening problems. Others may want to fit in a dress that they wore last year (guilty as charged). It would not hurt to share progress in words. Also, the concept of body fat percentage should be acknowledged, for it will help people set their weight goals.

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