The Chili Cook-Off

Based on the Daily Prompt, The Ring of Fire.

Last year, my family participated in my brother’s elementary school’s chili cook-off. The year prior, we won first place (which was the first time we won any chili award in the 7ish years we’ve participated). The years we participated and I attended the school, it was a matter of popularity. In the years after, the crowded died down and the popular kids left the chili scene, so that gave a better opportunity for everyone to win, based on the taste of their chili. With a new attitude (and a little Campbell’s Tomato Soup), we won the Chili Cook-Off of 2012.The man who won second place was pleasant. His chili tasted good, but… it was not chili. It was more like pulled pork in lots of sauce. There were no other ingredients, and the last time I checked, chili had beans. Anything else goes by another name.

The woman who won first place was an Australian woman. As I remember, someone asked where her accent was from (they thought she was from Britain) while referencing the name of her chili. She responded, “No! It’s the Ring of Fire of Australia!” If you didn’t catch that, her chili’s name was Ring of Fire. Her chili was not bad, but I have had plenty bad chili in my lifetime, some including (too much) beer. However, her chili was spicy and somewhat bland. I was surprised she had won, but she did have a nice personality.

I thought our family would make it to at least third place, but I guess the fact that we wore the apron and hat from 2012’s cook-off did not help us. That is alright with me, though. I am glad someone else had the chance to win.

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