Allure Review Part 1

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The Art of Cruising

The next dozen or so posts will be dedicated to my recent trip to the Eastern Caribbean. The 1 post per 4 days schedule will continue.

Recently, I went on vacation with the Royal Caribbean ship, Allure of the Seas, on the Eastern Caribbean itinerary. I had a blast. Originally, I was part of my mom’s niece’s 18 person group. However, I discovered the Friday before I boarded that my dad’s brother and his party of 11 (of my cousins and his wife) were taking the exact same cruise. What a surprise! My cousin has planned this trip with me since March, but my uncle scheduled it in September. Prior to this cruise, I had never been on a cruise ship as a multicellular organism. Continue reading

How CAN You?

Note: If people from Twitter see this, I could not care less. In fact, I hope they stumble upon this:

I once had a Tweet conversation that went something like this.

Person 1 (boy)- “I feel bad for the non-sluts who get a bad name from the sluts”.

Me- “Obviously there are the boys who gave them the bad name in the first place”.

P1- “Well no one criticizes them so oh well”.

Person 2 (girl) liked this.

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Positive Eating Blogs

There are countless blogs out there run by teenage girls, grown men, and- actually, these blogs are run by people of all ages. Some blogs focus on working out and drinking protein shakes. Others reblog buff or fit women and men. Sometimes, a “thinspo” blog may be pro-anorexia and will promote messages like “eat little” or “best time to throw up”. Many of these blogs can make people feel insecure because the viewer does not look like a certain person and encourage unhealthy (even deadly) eating habits. What could be an amiable thinspo/fitspo blog? Continue reading

You CAN Teach Not to Rape

In a recent argument of mine, the opposing viewpoint claimed that only “20% of men would rape women” and only a man who is sick in the head would do commit such an act. I believe that there are more men than we know who would commit rape if there were no consequences and that we as a society can teach our children that consequences should not be our only scruples.
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Preparing for Takeoff

Hello my friends, followers, and readers! By the time you read this, I will have left my lovely state of California to board my cruise. Just as always, my posts are queued to be published every 4 days between 12-1 PM PCT. I will not have wi-fi for a whole week and will be back by June 16.

The Chili Cook-Off

Based on the Daily Prompt, The Ring of Fire.

Last year, my family participated in my brother’s elementary school’s chili cook-off. The year prior, we won first place (which was the first time we won any chili award in the 7ish years we’ve participated). The years we participated and I attended the school, it was a matter of popularity. In the years after, the crowded died down and the popular kids left the chili scene, so that gave a better opportunity for everyone to win, based on the taste of their chili. With a new attitude (and a little Campbell’s Tomato Soup), we won the Chili Cook-Off of 2012. Continue reading