The Sweet and Salty Sins

Inspired by this prompt.

Ice cream and chocolate and jelly rings. These are some of my favorite things. Unfortunately, they’re the Romeo to my Juliet… for now.

Currently, I am on a no-dessert diet for the second time in my life. As I approach the sailing away date, I begin to dread my decision to lose weight by cutting out sweets and unnecessary carbohydrates. This means I must skip dessert when the rest of my family happily chows on tiramisu. Here are some of the foods I miss the most (and desperately crave).

  • Cream Cheese Pastries- These babies are delicious, assuming they’re done right. These breaded, sugary, creamy pastries are what breakfast is all about. Okay, maybe not, but they make a good after-breakfast dessert. Most of the places that make these cheap don’t add enough cream in the center (nor is it centered well).
  • Pistachio Pudding- A few months ago, I bought instant pistachio pudding mix and used 1/4 of it to make myself a bowl of pudding. It smelled so sweet, comparable to almond soap. There were pieces of pistachios and it had a green color (it’s pistachio, deergod). I had to make and smell this for my little brother.
  • Ice Cream (ALL THE KINDS)- If I have to explain why I miss ice cream, then maybe you don’t know what this delicious category of substances is.  My favorite kind of ice cream is mint chip.  I love the freshness that comes with the minty flavor. If the ice cream is good, the chocolate chips will melt in your mouth. The best I found was a few days expired Dove Mint Chip. Another ice cream I dream of is Dadus. I like most of them, but I would probably choose strawberry as my favorite.
  • Chips- If I’m not craving desserts, I want chips. The best kind is cheddar and sour cream ruffles. Anything cheese related is my favorite flavor of chip. I wouldn’t be surprised if I enjoyed blue cheese chips (except blue buffalo). Unfortunately, chips typically have lots of fat and sodium in them, so they hold in water weight, along with adding onto it.

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