After Romeo

Now, you’re probably wondering who these guys are. They are part of a little-known boy band that does the typical singing and dancing. I’m interested in the group more for the sentimental feeling than the looks or music (though Free Fall is not a bad song). See, this group used to be Varsity Fan Club, a group that had their hit song Future Love played on ourWorld (if you knew anything about it, that’s the virtual playground that I spent my preteen years on). 3 of the original VFC members left, and then there was Drew, Jayk, and the new addition, TC. These 3 went on to close VFC and start After Romeo. I found out about the new group when they played at my cousin’s school and she posted it on Instagram. Then, I got excited because they were LA local and they might play at a venue I could attend. I commented on one of their pictures on Instagram, and somehow they were interested and they followed me (and liked my 3 recent selfies at the time). I was flattered, for lack of a better term, so I followed them back (which I don’t usually do to most celebrities) and ever since then we’ve been in a mutual follow.

Let’s talk members. Drew seems to be the mastermind of the whole group. He writes K-Pop songs and has done vocal work for Disney. TC is probably known as the hearthrob of the group (is it the blonde hair and cheekbones?). Jayk is the oldest of the group and did choir and football in high school (mentioned in one of the group’s YouTube videos). Devin is the youngest, and I get the sense that the other members pick on him. Blake is another member, but I get the impression that he is quiet. I have not indulged myself in the whole fangirl persona, so I do not know too much about these guys.

As far as I know, the majority of their songs on YouTube are covers, but I heard they have a few unreleased songs that they perform. I am not sure at all. Their cover of #thatPOWER by is my guilty pleasure. The singing is not as smooth as other songs from other artists, but I think it is due to the lack of autotune. It gives the song a raw feeling that is irkfully appealing (and an excuse not to listen to Justin Bieber). I wish them well in their career, especially with the tough boy band competition. They have a strong fan base that continues to grow.

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