A Formal Introduction

My name is Maizy. If you haven’t noticed, my URL is a play on the word amazing that incorporates my name Maizy. I am a teenager, a junior in high school at this point in time. I am blessed with a wonderful family, mind, and self. I love myself more than anything, and if that is a sin, I’ll sin as much as I can. More than likely, I will still be with my current boyfriend by the time this is posted.

I will be taking a cruise to the Caribbean in early June, so I need to make a queue of posts to cover a while. My blogging schedule is a published post every 4 days, with some exceptions when relevancy is an issue. My purpose for this blog is to speak my mind. However, there must be some sort of topic or category this fits in. Why would my audience be interested in my blog?

  • Feminism. Some call it the latest “trend”. Others refer to it as a social movement. I see it as a way of life. It is amazing how involved female teenagers are in the feminist community. Male teenagers are great, too; after all, any support is wonderful. I think it is important for me to define feminism to balance out the “fauxminists” and misandrists labeled as feminists. If people are so willing to point fingers at these people and say feminism is a problem, then the true feminist community should be able to point at my posts and say “that’s feminism”. Unfortunately, I don’t post about this topic often, but I aim to change that.
  • Pop Culture Reviews. What better way to define pop culture than to see what  a teenager likes? Alright, I don’t always listen to or watch the most recent music or movies, but it does not hurt to know about a song. I didn’t even know how great of an artist Ne-Yo was until 2012. I watch Netflix movies and documentaries, too, so I can help decide what will be good for family movie night.
  • Beauty Reviews & Tips. As a female teenager, it is inevitable to not have some beauty tips up my sleeve. Even if it is as simple as wearing Vaseline under my eyelids (I don’t actually do that). These posts will not be as frequent, but they will be existent. As a teenager with very oily skin (so much that BP made me an offer), most makeup does not stay on easily and it makes me break out.
  • Curiosity. When I’m not ranting about sexual harassment, reviewing the last movie I saw, or explaining my skin routine, I am probably blogging about some event in my life; for example, my struggle in school and AP classes. Why would anyone care? Well, maybe a teenager can relate to me, so they take my experience as advice, or the Department of Education may actually care about what the students think about the schooling system, so they will listen to me and make 7 AM classes illegal. I doubt either is happening any time soon.
  • LA Life. I dreamed of running a blog describing my adventures in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. These posts would be equivalent to a travel blog. I hope to find secrets in LA that may actually make people interested in what I have to say. In the future, I plan to include photos with my posts.

So what does this post mean? I think this will be the start of a blogging reformation. Then after a few months, I’ll revert back to the old ways. There wasn’t anything bad with the old way, whatever it was. I just had writer’s block and stopped writing for a while.

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