I am fucking tired of hearing the word “thot”. Not that I encourage any other word to be used, BUT WERE ALL OF THESE WORDS NOT ENOUGH? To make it worse, #thot on Twitter is just full of stupid shit. One picture says “you might be dating a thot if…” and it explains that a girl is a thot if she buys majority of her clothes from a certain place and she watches PLL and all sorts of nonsense.

Girls are being called “thots”, a word used to insult a sexually active woman, JUST BECAUSE OF THINGS THEY LIKE?

We need a word to describe sexually active boys, but then say that “You might be dating a -word- if he spends over $200 on a pair of Nikes, but he’s too broke for gas. If he owns -basic Diamond shirt-. If he watches The Walking Dead.” What kind of words can we call boys? The word “snip” could imply that he got a small dick. I saw the nonsense word “gliff” on a state test. I think the best word to use is one that implies that he’s lacking in the meat department.

The sexist assholes are not going to shut up about “thot”, so the best thing for feminists to do is create a word to describe the “basic boy” persona and also means “womanizer”. Remember, we need to be in this together, feminists.

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