Review: Click

Click is a relatively old movie starring Adam Sandler, Kate Beckinsale, and Christopher Walken. It was advertised as a comedy, but the actual movie has a very personal and emotional meaning that almost everyone can relate to. I watched it on Netflix on 4/10/2014, so it was available then, if not now. Continue reading


Approach to Feminism

The other day, I was in a group of people that consisted of two other women and one man. As we were about to leave, we were talking about various subjects when the topic of feminism came up. Right after I mentioned it, the man left, and I commented how funny that was. I am not angry at him, but I found it amusing he decided to leave at this point of the conversation. I understand he had to go and has no obligation to be in the conversation.

When I presented this hilarious situation to a close male friend, they told me that during the WLM (Women’s Liberation Movement), men put up with the constant scrutiny of women. For example, if a man said “chairman” the woman would correct them and say “chairperson”. Men did not want to listen to women because they constantly seemed to nitpick something.

One could say this is why women need feminism, for men do not want to listen to women unless it positively involves them. That men find women pushy and annoying. As much as this irritates me, however, I think that part of feminism is realizing that we are all human. Compromise to benefit men is not on the top of the feminist agenda, but in order to spread the word of equality, we need to consider how these people, who happen to be male, receive our information. Continue reading

After Romeo

Now, you’re probably wondering who these guys are. They are part of a little-known boy band that does the typical singing and dancing. I’m interested in the group more for the sentimental feeling than the looks or music (though Free Fall is not a bad song). See, this group used to be Varsity Fan Club, a group that had their hit song Future Love played on ourWorld (if you knew anything about it, that’s the virtual playground that I spent my preteen years on). 3 of the original VFC members left, and then there was Drew, Jayk, and the new addition, TC. These 3 went on to close VFC and start After Romeo. I found out about the new group when they played at my cousin’s school and she posted it on Instagram. Then, I got excited because they were LA local and they might play at a venue I could attend. I commented on one of their pictures on Instagram, and somehow they were interested and they followed me (and liked my 3 recent selfies at the time). I was flattered, for lack of a better term, so I followed them back (which I don’t usually do to most celebrities) and ever since then we’ve been in a mutual follow.

Let’s talk members. Drew seems to be the mastermind of the whole group. He writes K-Pop songs and has done vocal work for Disney. TC is probably known as the hearthrob of the group (is it the blonde hair and cheekbones?). Jayk is the oldest of the group and did choir and football in high school (mentioned in one of the group’s YouTube videos). Devin is the youngest, and I get the sense that the other members pick on him. Blake is another member, but I get the impression that he is quiet. I have not indulged myself in the whole fangirl persona, so I do not know too much about these guys.

As far as I know, the majority of their songs on YouTube are covers, but I heard they have a few unreleased songs that they perform. I am not sure at all. Their cover of #thatPOWER by is my guilty pleasure. The singing is not as smooth as other songs from other artists, but I think it is due to the lack of autotune. It gives the song a raw feeling that is irkfully appealing (and an excuse not to listen to Justin Bieber). I wish them well in their career, especially with the tough boy band competition. They have a strong fan base that continues to grow.

A Formal Introduction

My name is Maizy. If you haven’t noticed, my URL is a play on the word amazing that incorporates my name Maizy. I am a teenager, a junior in high school at this point in time. I am blessed with a wonderful family, mind, and self. I love myself more than anything, and if that is a sin, I’ll sin as much as I can. More than likely, I will still be with my current boyfriend by the time this is posted.

I will be taking a cruise to the Caribbean in early June, so I need to make a queue of posts to cover a while. My blogging schedule is a published post every 4 days, with some exceptions when relevancy is an issue. My purpose for this blog is to speak my mind. However, there must be some sort of topic or category this fits in. Why would my audience be interested in my blog?

  • Feminism. Some call it the latest “trend”. Others refer to it as a social movement. I see it as a way of life. It is amazing how involved female teenagers are in the feminist community. Male teenagers are great, too; after all, any support is wonderful. I think it is important for me to define feminism to balance out the “fauxminists” and misandrists labeled as feminists. If people are so willing to point fingers at these people and say feminism is a problem, then the true feminist community should be able to point at my posts and say “that’s feminism”. Unfortunately, I don’t post about this topic often, but I aim to change that.
  • Pop Culture Reviews. What better way to define pop culture than to see what  a teenager likes? Alright, I don’t always listen to or watch the most recent music or movies, but it does not hurt to know about a song. I didn’t even know how great of an artist Ne-Yo was until 2012. I watch Netflix movies and documentaries, too, so I can help decide what will be good for family movie night.
  • Beauty Reviews & Tips. As a female teenager, it is inevitable to not have some beauty tips up my sleeve. Even if it is as simple as wearing Vaseline under my eyelids (I don’t actually do that). These posts will not be as frequent, but they will be existent. As a teenager with very oily skin (so much that BP made me an offer), most makeup does not stay on easily and it makes me break out.
  • Curiosity. When I’m not ranting about sexual harassment, reviewing the last movie I saw, or explaining my skin routine, I am probably blogging about some event in my life; for example, my struggle in school and AP classes. Why would anyone care? Well, maybe a teenager can relate to me, so they take my experience as advice, or the Department of Education may actually care about what the students think about the schooling system, so they will listen to me and make 7 AM classes illegal. I doubt either is happening any time soon.
  • LA Life. I dreamed of running a blog describing my adventures in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. These posts would be equivalent to a travel blog. I hope to find secrets in LA that may actually make people interested in what I have to say. In the future, I plan to include photos with my posts.

So what does this post mean? I think this will be the start of a blogging reformation. Then after a few months, I’ll revert back to the old ways. There wasn’t anything bad with the old way, whatever it was. I just had writer’s block and stopped writing for a while.


I am fucking tired of hearing the word “thot”. Not that I encourage any other word to be used, BUT WERE ALL OF THESE WORDS NOT ENOUGH? To make it worse, #thot on Twitter is just full of stupid shit. One picture says “you might be dating a thot if…” and it explains that a girl is a thot if she buys majority of her clothes from a certain place and she watches PLL and all sorts of nonsense.

Girls are being called “thots”, a word used to insult a sexually active woman, JUST BECAUSE OF THINGS THEY LIKE?

We need a word to describe sexually active boys, but then say that “You might be dating a -word- if he spends over $200 on a pair of Nikes, but he’s too broke for gas. If he owns -basic Diamond shirt-. If he watches The Walking Dead.” What kind of words can we call boys? The word “snip” could imply that he got a small dick. I saw the nonsense word “gliff” on a state test. I think the best word to use is one that implies that he’s lacking in the meat department.

The sexist assholes are not going to shut up about “thot”, so the best thing for feminists to do is create a word to describe the “basic boy” persona and also means “womanizer”. Remember, we need to be in this together, feminists.