I Am Still 16

Today, The Daily Post made a prompt called Only Sixteen. In this post, I will talk about what life was like when I was 16, or how it will be when I will be 16. However, I am currently 16, so this prompt may or may not be perfect for this time in my life.

What is life like at 16? Well, it all started on September 15, 2013. I had just turned 16. I was sick, as usual. I had a birthday party that I put off until October because my deck needed a paint job and I needed to recuperate. Also, my parents did taxes the weekend before my birthday, and I wanted to see After Romeo at the local mall they were performing, before they left for some other city that was not near me.

Let’s fast forward to, like, now? I’m still 16. I’m still with the same boyfriend I had when I was a few days shy of 15. My grades have dropped. I got my first C in high school, and I’m on a roll for my second one (thanks, calculus). I’m beginning to find myself. I realize I was born for science, so I am determined to be an engineer of some sort. Preferably chemical or biochem, though my dad would love it if I majored in electronics and took over his business.

I’m beginning to rebel, as in think for myself and make my own decisions. My latest one is “should I get on the mini-pill or not?”, and my reasons do not need to be disclosed. Other decisions include what classes I will take next year as a high school senior, summer school, and in college. My greatest challenge is finding the motivation to do homework and actually get good grades again. I have -A’s in Spanish, English, and history, along with a borderline C in AP Physics that could probably be lifted up by the time grades are due.

I’m taking control of how people physically treat me. Unfortunately, I would probably be too weak to take on a kidnapper, but I can stop my sexist guy friends from giving me hugs that are only excuses for boob touching. I’m not letting any male near my chest for hugs anymore, with the exception of my boyfriend, who I trust, and Bubbles, who has given me hugs before my chest was involuntarily sexualized.

I’m going on a cruise. My first one since I was -9 months old. You read that right. I’m super excited to go, but I know the time of the trip will pass by really fast. I just hope I don’t get sea sickness (though I do have scopolamine). I’m going to travel with a doctor for deergod’s sake.

I started a blog for the purpose of speaking my mind and hoping for listeners.

So far, that sums up my 16th year living.

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