RE: Mozilla CEO Resignation

A hiatus was previously mentioned, but I wanted to release this post before I took a break as the relevancy would not be the same in a month from now.

This article raises the issue of free speech in Silicon Valley. Recently, dating site OkCupid initiated the protest against the new anti-gay marriage CEO of Mozilla, and it successfully achieved its purpose. People are now questioning the tolerance of free speech an ideologies, especially in liberal Silicon Valley. Here’s my take on the situation.

The strongest force in the world of business is the customer. Customers choose where they spend their money and time. Customers chose to stop using Firefox because the CEO supported an oppressive movement. The CEO did not have to resign. Resignation is a CHOICE made by him, just like the choice he made to donate $1000 towards Prop 8. He was not fired. He was influenced to resign because of the protest, but ultimately it was his decision, not the Firefox users.

Is not the revolt against Mozilla a form of free speech as well? All the news websites discussing this matter are pinning the problem on liberals. They are forgetting the main reason free speech is a right: to rebel against a government- or corporation- that does not express the views the people want. The fact that society was successful in bringing down the CEO really shows how far we have improved as human beings. The majority of us have gone from being oppressive towards the A-Z community to bringing down someone from power because they support those old-fashioned ideas.

tl;dr There was no hinder of free speech.

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