Acne Meds

As a teenager, acne is inevitable. My face is not as bad as some, but I definitely show signs of acne, clogged pores, and oily skin. My forehead and nose make pools of oil every hour, my nose and chin regenerate sebum every week, and I have red acne scars all over my cheeks. Previously, only my right cheek had acne scars, but my left side has caught up. I definitely flare up around the time of my period, so hormones to play a role in my skin.
Just to get to the point- Here are some products that work for me (I prefer not to post pictures, sorry).

My favorite drug store is Walgreens, so I will use Walgreens to show you the exact products I use. All prescriptions I use are generic.

Spot Treatments

As said by many people who make similar reviews, “this stuff works magic”! I put this on one night, and the cheeks immediately looked better the next day. Unfortunately, they were not all clear, but with continuous use my face looks better and better. I found this product when I bought the C&C Advantage kit from Walgreens when it was on sale about 4 years ago. Thank deergod it still works. This is 2% salicylic acid and does not make my skin peel.

I first used this 6 years ago, when I was 10. I do not remember why, I just know that my dad gave it to me to use. I must have broken out back then, but I can’t really say I remember. This definitely dries out the skin, but it does not prevent oil production. I think that when I wake up, my face is drier if I put it on the night before (than if I didn’t apply it). This is 2.5% benzoyl peroxide and does not make my skin peel.

  • (PRESCRIPTION) Clindamycin Phosphate

In early 2012, I had a doctor appointment, and she prescribed me this medicine. My previous doctor prescribed Tretinoin, but that made my skin peel like crazy. And it smelled like mayo-moisturizer. This new gel medicine I use(d) did not peel my skin and left a layer on my skin to (almost) block any dirt from coming in. In fact, I use this as a base before I put on any face makeup, for it helps prevent that dirt build up that promotes acne.

Face Cleansers

This is the best scrub ever, hands down. The first time I used this on my back (never before scrubbed), it eliminated so many acne bumps. This is probably the highest rated scrub cleaner. Unfortunately, I don’t recommend it to those with super-sensitive skin, for my cousin with the same condition had a horrible reaction to it. I believe the acne version has 2% Salicylic Acid. On another note, I tried the Walgreens generic version of this, and I prefer, by far, the original. The generic had bigger pieces of scrub and did not feel or do as much as the St. Ives version. It’s about a $2-3 difference.


Though I don’t believe this helps acne (despite its 2% SA content), it is a very light moisturizer. I use this whenever my skin gets dry during winter, but other than that I have no use for any kind of moisturizer (except this one with SPF 15 during the summer that my mom makes me wear…). Supposedly, this is not the same as the one in the Advantage kit, but I don’t see the difference. After all, I barely use both of them.


I got this when I was 10 and I still have not finished it. When it dries, you can see the oil it gathered by the dark spots in the light clay mask. Whether or not it actually does anything, it’s fresh feeling is enjoyable and affordable.

Nose Strips

On those days where pores are extremely clogged and you just NEED to get the schmutz out, these will do the job (mostly). The trick to using these is to get your nose wet with warm water so the pores open up. When you apply the strip, keep your nose open (you know that movement that makes your nostrils bigger?) to allow the strip to get more surface area. I just wait until it dries, which typically takes up to 10 minutes. Recently, I ran out of the Biore kind and I switched to the Walgreens brand. They’re not too bad, though they are not as efficient as Biore’s strips. It’s not like the difference with the St. Ives face wash. I do recommend them, which is why I added a link to them.

Spin Brush

Funny story about this product. My dad bought it for me from Amazon (about $22, compared to $31 at Walgreens). When we received the package, there were two of these. We were only charged for 1, but we figured that if we returned it, someone would lose their job. It was great for us, too, because I wanted my mom to use one without sharing mine.

Both my mom and I enjoy this product. It helps products absorb into the skin (especially the moisturizer. it intensifies the tingly feeling) and exfoliate. I try to use it every two days, but I do not keep up. My mom uses it everyday. The brush actually spins and has two speeds. I recommend using it like a toothbrush, putting cleanser on the brush and then using it on your face.

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