The Struggle: My Lenovo G560

I am quite proud of myself. Two months ago (I meant to write this sooner, I’m sorry), I finally retrieved my Minecraft files out of my old laptop.

My Lenovo G560 suddenly crashed in September. I could no longer use it as Windows 7 would not start up. The hard drive seemed intact, for I could access file names through the OneKey Recovery application. Unfortunately, I needed to boot it up to get my important pictures and files. If I tried to use the startup repair application in the OS, it would not work.

I decided to give fixing my laptop another try. I came upon some Lenovo Windows 7 recovery discs in my house, so I popped one of them in. After a while, my laptop started up and I could successfully, but slowly, use my computer. Because of its horrendous speed, my only objective was to get the files and go. I would reinstall the OS another time. I saved all of my Minecraft files in my portable HD. Getting the pictures, however, was another challenge. First, I clicked on My Pictures from the Start menu, but the computer locked up. Then, I accessed my desktop through DOS. I found another folder that contained pictures, so I rescued the unsaved photos to my HD.

And then I tried to reinstall the OS using OneKey Recovery and now it’s practically bricked.

The End.

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