Rude People

The other day, I went to Pasadena for my dog’s check up. There were certain behaviors that repulsed me. This post is merely an observation of the people whose personalities stood out the most to me.

1. Cute Puppy Woman

Miss, your Doberman is beautiful and its puppy breaks the cuteness scale. I could only guess that you were having a bad day, for when I smiled you did not return the gesture. I understand, though. I hated waiting a long time for the doctor to come for my dog, as well. Your boyfriend seems nice, though. He enjoyed conversing with my dad about your dogs. I hope you feel better.

2. MissterCard

Ma’am, I see you have parked RIGHT BEHIND my dad. You claim the trip inside was going to be fast, as you only planned to pay for your cat’s services (and then get angry at the vet because they don’t take your card). However, did you really have to park right behind my dad when there was a parking spot a few feet away? Really? I’m pretty sure that parking was illegal. There is a REASON we have divided parking spots. So EACH ONE OF THE CARS CAN GET OUT OF THE PARKING LOT WITHOUT HAVING TO WAIT FOR ANOTHER. Seriously, my dad and I were running out of time, and my dog wanted to sleep. Thanks for taking up our time. Hope your back feels better.

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