Change of Plans for Senior Year

I have been rethinking the classes I want to take next year, for I am no longer on track to graduate in white. Previously, I maintained at least a 4.0 GPA in my freshman and sophomore years, but this junior year is not looking as bright. You may remember me complaining about AP Lang and how that was the root of all evil (it still is), but the new culprit is AP Calc BC. It is kicking my ass, and I think it is on the verge of committing intimate mathematical assault.
I do not plan on taking the AP Calc BC or AP Physics B tests. My dad says that I should retake them in college; these classes do not teach me enough. I supposed he is right. After all, I earned a C in Calc and a B in Physics last semester. The forecast does not look any different for this semester.
I plan on downgrading next year and taking AP Calc AB, along with the test. I would be surprised if I earned a B in the class or anything less than a 5 on the test, considering it would be review. Then again, I earned a C for the B semester… I did pretty well for the A semester during my Honors Pre-Calc days.

I need a safety plan for a white gown, though. I will take either Econ or Gov at COC during summer, the former is my first choice. My other classes, for the first semester (the gown only counts the first semester of my senior year), will be tennis, Myth and Folklore, AP Chem, and Teacher Assistant (which will either be a pass/fail or an ABCDF grade). AP Chem is questionable, however. What if I do not do well? The teacher says I have it made. I (will) have taken AP Calc BC, regular chem, and AP Physics. He thinks all the students will go to me for help. I do love chemistry, but my safety plan replaces this beloved class with Honors Anatomy. My mom thinks I should take AP Chem. In that case, I might take the AP test for it, as well.

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