Online Notebooks

Last year, I found the app, SpringPad. The interface and organization enticed me to use my iPod Touch as a school notebook. With the integration of iPads in the school curriculum, why not use an app like SpringPad for all of our studious notebook needs?Some of the biggest apps are Evernote, SpringPad, and Onenote. I’m not familiar with the other two, but SpringPad allows me to make separate notebooks and add links, book titles, songs, etc. that my teachers may recommend or require. During class, I could take pictures and put them in my notebook, whether they are notes, assignment sheets, or diagrams.

I would like to see a draw feature in SpringPad, for I may need to hand write something, such as math problems. I also wish I had an iPad so I could have a bigger screen. Another possible improvement for SP is a Windows 8.1 app, though I’m not sure it would be any different from the website (which is quite organized itself).

Teachers could monitor their students’ notebooks from the comforts of their house. They could also have their own display notebook, if a notebook check is necessary for the class. A few of my teachers do not allow electronic technology to be out during class (and I don’t blame them), so I can’t take pictures during class. I have had the privilege to use my resources in my last two math classes and 10th grade English class. I wish I were more dedicated to using my iPod as a notebook, but I get so lazy.

tl;dr Let’s use online notebooks.

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