Life Update 3/2/2014

I began my day going to Chinatown in the pouring rain on the 101. I could barely see the downtown skyscrapers through the fog, but at least it was not that cloudy on the road. My mom took my brother and me to get a haircut from a guy who cut a woman’s hair very nicely. She parked 2 blocks away from the place. It barely rained on the way to the salon, but it was pouring like the bad side of heaven on the way back. I had a backpack with me. My mom stopped off at two different herb stores. You wouldn’t believe the crazy items in these places. Huge, dried mushrooms, dried sea cucumber, and delicious sesame dessert (which is dried until you put water in it). The poultry store on Broadway smelled horrible… It reminded me of the duck poop smell from my duck, Squakers, whom I gave away in October 2013.

I might’ve forgotten to mention. I cut 14 inches off my hair. Scratch that. The hair stylist went against what I showed him and cut my hair at least 3 inches shorter than  what I wanted. He cut my hair shorter in the back than in the front and didn’t give me layers in the back. I’ve never had a worse haircut in my life. I learned my lesson- don’t trust a new hairstylist with a medium cut, especially if you don’t speak the same language. I’m sure he cut my hair nice… in someone else’s eyes, but this is my hair. God, I was fine with the last hair dresser. I need a coloring session, pronto.

At least I look like Milla Jovovich.

After, we went to the Glendale Galleria (and it was raining too much to even think about the Americana… I wanted Gilly Hicks sweatpants). My mom and I ate the ground beef and ground chicken kabobs from Massis’ International Grill (it was extremely generous and delicious) while my brother ate a slice of pizza and spaghetti from the Italian place next door (it was okay). There was some crazy shit in the food court. Some old guy tripped my brother, a deaf person selling pens left them at my table (and I didn’t have the heart to take them, I didn’t have extra money to give), and a young teenage boy asking for donations against human trafficking. I swear, I would give money if I had it, but I switched purses that day. I am a giving person, I really am.

There was a power out in the “rich people” wing of the mall. You know, the wing where Bloomingdale’s is? Many of the stores closed down for a while due to the unavailability of the registers.

The days are getting longer again.

tl;dr I have short hair now.

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