Avicii’s Album True

*I do not own any rights to the album or songs*

*Excluding extra tracks

1. Wake Me Up
2. You Make Me
3. Hey Brother
4. Addicted to You
5. Dear Boy
6. Liar Liar
7. Shame on Me
8. Lay me Down
9. Hope There’s Someone
10. Heart Upon My Sleeve

Originally, I only heard the most popular songs off of this album- Wake Me Up and Hey Brother. I showed them to my dad, who fell in love with the country feel of both of the songs, so he bought the album. For weeks, he played the album in his car, at work, and at home repetitiously. The songs grew on me, and eventually I loved them just as much as he did. We are quite impressed with how talented, young, and successful he is. This review will mainly be from my dad’s point of view, but I agree with him on almost everything.
His favorite song on the whole album is Liar Liar. He loves the powerful overtake of the chorus. I, on the other hand, found that switch of volume and tempo a bit too much. After hearing the song many more times, Liar Liar does settle better with me. It really is not a bad song.
The different singers in Liar Liar and Dear Boy sounded very similar to Lana Del Rey; in fact, I was surprised it was not her voice. Dear Boy sounds like something she would sing, with the taste of EDM.
Dear Boy and Lay Me Down are my favorite songs on the album. It is fun to sing with Karen Marie Ørsted in Dear Boy, and the electronic solo is very enjoyable. Adam Lambert’s vocals definitely have a great impact on the tempo, but the boogie feel is the best part of the song.
One great aspect of this album is that the songs are so diverse. I give it a 5/5.

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