The Nerve of Some People

I visited Chicken Smoothie and found a signature of a young junior high-school aged girl who is proud to be “pro-life”, “against gay marriage”, and a “republican”. Not to mention, she is extremely fundamental.

Alright, I can reluctantly understand that you’re proud to be a Republican, but how can you be so proud to call yourself anti-choice and against gay marriage? I think anyone who acts this way does not see the selfishness and stupidity they display. By classifying yourself as anti-A-Z marriage and anti-choice, you are labeling yourself as a happiness revoker. You would rather keep two people from being happy or allow the possibility of an unloved child to be born just so you could promote your religious views?

I’m sure you find the murder unborn children and the act of anal sex to be disgusting, but I think taking away someone’s freedom of marriage or the liberation of children is horrendously repulsive.

This is a beautiful example of why we must continue the complete and absolute separation of church and state.

Note: If you are pro-life, then you are anti-war, anti-choice, and anti-anything that could possibly kill anyone. Considering the Republican party is typically pro-war, I am pretty sure you are not pro-life.

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