Dragon Cave: Valentine’s 2014

Dragon Cave had a wonderful Valentine’s Day event. There was a flower garden and people could plant seeds found randomly around the site. The majority of the seeds were orchids, irises, and gerbera daisies, but there were many exotic flowers as well. Some of my favorites were Dragon’s Head, the polka dot mushroom, Jack in the Pulpit, Rafflesia, and ???. I enjoyed seeing every flower and its variant in my garden and messages, however.

I would like to especially thank Keroshe, who brought the greatest flower war I have ever joined. I hope to contact them again somehow during the next holiday’s event, if I am around.

And just in case you, my reader, would like to see my dragons, my Dragon Cave user is Zillitor. or go to http://dragcave.net/user/Zillitor.

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