Body Fat

When was the last time you heard or said “I’m fat”? Was it from someone who looks average, skinny, or big? Was it from a male or female? It seems to be that females are more prone to be body conscious, for we have this mindset to fit into a size 4 or 6 and look a certain way. I think body insecurities are part of being human, but this evil force is fueled and amplified by the criticism of society. However, sometimes it may be in your best interest to lose weight, eat healthy, and/or keep your weight down.

The first part of losing weight is to stop saying “I’m fat”. You are not fat. Unless you are the intelligent woman Lizzie Velazquez, you have body fat in you. That is natural. Our bodies store fat for the same reason the ants from the Aesop’s fable the Ant and the Grasshopper collect crumbs. They are saving up for a time of possible starvation. Humans store fat because our ancestors originally did not eat must every day, so our bodies are not accustomed to our lifestyle. People who have good metabolisms have evolved and are much better suited for the American diet. Instead of saying “I’m fat”, you could say “I have fat”.

Recently, my 2 cousins, who we will refer to using female and male terms, lost a lot of weight. She lost 60 pounds, and he lost 70. Their bodies and faces changed dramatically. I discussed weight loss with her, and she told me how obesity has affected her life. Many people in her family passed away because their hearts could not handle being around so much fat, despite responding to tests positively. She used to deal with daily migraines and bad cases of acne (there could be other symptoms I do not know about), but after changing her diet, my cousin now has a clear mind and face and feels so much better. I talked to both of them about their diets. She said they stopped eating processed food and she stopped eating wheat and dairy due to allergies and hormonal imbalances. He mentioned a high fat, high protein and low carbohydrate diet along with 30 minutes of exercise a day. Losing weight is no easy feat, and there should be no shame in wanting an average BMI body.

Within the last year, I believe I have reached the beginning of the overweight BMI’s. One of my scales says 150 pounds while the other says 140. I am quite body confident, but I would like to lose some weight. Once a body produces fat cells, they never disappear. They only deflate or inflate. It is much easier to inflate a fat cell than to produce one. The sooner I keep my weight down, the less fat cells I produce, and the farther away I go from obesity.

I should mention that having a healthy body has nothing to do with being beautiful. Therefore, there is no excuse to induce vomiting to lose weight, and there is no ideal body size for beauty. Your health is worth more than an abstract opinion.

tl;dr “I have fat”

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