Advanced Placement and Me

AP tests for college credit is currently a hot topic in my family. I am taking AP Calculus BC and AP Physics B, and I dropped out of AP Language and Composition. I read that some colleges do not honor these credits. Luckily, both UCLA and CSUN accept AP credit. Unfortunately, CSUN does not value them as highly as UCLA.

Assuming I earn a 5 on Physics B, I will earn from CSUN 8 credits for the classes: PHYS 100A/100AL and 100B/100BL. From UCLA, I will earn 8 credits for General Physics B.

A 5 on the AB portion of the Calc BC and a 5 on the BC portion will be equal to 10 credits for Math 150A & 150B from CSUN (I assume…) and 8 credits for Math 31A/Calculus from UCLA.

Of course, I think my biggest problem is that I will be going to COC first, and the maximum credits for Calc BC (I must score 4 or 5) is 6 for Math 212 and 213; a score of 3-5 for Physics B equals 6 credits for natural science (4 units + 2 electives).

I aspire to continue the AP program next year in AP Statistics and AP Chemistry.

AP Stat: (COC) Score of 3-5= 3 credits for “Language & Rationality:  Communication & Analytical Thinking 3 units; Mathematics Competency”

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