College & University

As a high school junior, the topic of higher education is ubiquitous. When I was 10, I believed that I wanted to be either a journalist or an electronics engineer, much like my dad. My original plans were to go to COC for 2 years then study at CSUN for the rest and get a Bachelor’s in whatever my dad got and eventually take over his business. It was not until last year that I realized I may not want to do that. During my sophomore year of high school, I took regular chemistry and earned an A in both semesters (which is no easy feat at my school). I gained a wonderful rapport with both of the chemistry teachers (and now, my physics teacher as well). This sparked my interest in chemistry.

Some of the things I love about chemistry are knowing the formulas, their compositions, and their relations to similar chemicals. Imagine being the person in charge of making these concoctions! Originally, chemistry excited me because I associated it with blowing up things (sans bombs). Yesterday, I made the decision to take AP Chemistry along with a student service period to be a chemistry tutor for my biology teacher, which is something I can do because I will not attend university directly after high school. After hearing about a COC Honor’s program that greatly improves my chances of attending UCLA, I decided that UCLA is a contender for my future university.

Some of the things I’ve decided upon are-

-I will go into science (we need more science people)
-COC’s Honor’s program
-I WILL apply for both CSUN and UCLA

Good things about CSUN-

-High acceptance rate
-Dad graduated there
-Cheaper by $20K
-Closer to home
-In Northridge (my future hometown)

Good things about UCLA-

-The name (no doubt about it)
-More familiar with the FANCY campus
-In LA
-Blue and Gold are the school’s colors

Bad things about UCLA-

-Substantially more expensive
-Farther away from home
-Low acceptance rate

When I was in 8th grade, I went on a trip to UCLA for Journalism. I was very impressed with the vast campus. There were multiple fountains, a botanical garden (that I did not see), a sculpture garden, a nutritious cafeteria, and a woman who handed me a Watchtower magazine. Not to mention… U (really do) C Lots of Asians. When I apply there, I do not plan on checking off “Asian” as my race, for my cousin’s highly qualified, full Asian nephew applied and was not accepted (they assume it was because of his race). Whether or not the Asian race is blacklisted, I do not see a problem with listing my other race, white.

Honestly, I don’t expect to be accepted by UCLA in 4 years. The standards seem so high, and I do not feel qualified at all.

As far as CSUN goes, I visited the campus years before I visited CSUN. In fact, I came on two occasions, one of them at night. I remember going inside the journalism building, meeting one of my dad’s short-term physics teachers, meeting a counselor(?) named Andrea (who gave my dad a 50th anniversary pin), the chair of the physics department, the grand library, and cheese and crackers by the library quad.

Gawd, would I even join one of the sororities I saw in front of the library?

Some of the career’s I’ve looked into briefly are (in order of highest to lowest interest)-
-Chemical Engineer
-Biochem Engineer
-Electronics Engineer (Dad’s job)
-Civil Engineer (inspired by Minecraft, but not very likely)

I think one of the biggest factors into which school I choose is what kind of toilets they have.

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